Lord Owain Surrey

                                              Lord Surrey
Owain came into being roughly around the same time as Lord British, and thus has been in the land of Britannia for around 57 years. However, unlike Lord British, Owain was behind the scenes for the majority of his tenure. He hailed from a distant land, but came to Britannia to serve with Lord British. He was on British’s council in every one of his tenures as king, but was never revealed to the people, for he had a secret service that he performed. Not only was he on the council to advise Lord British, but he was his Royal Augur, a soothsayer.

            His visions came to him in dreams, and he used those visions to advise Lord British in matters of war, monetary decisions, and foreign policy. He was British’s right hand man, only remaining behind the scenes for purposes of safety; he could not be risked to British’s enemies.

            Then, as Lord British left Britannia for a time, Lord Blackthorn came to power as regent of Britannia. Owain, still wishing to support the regent and the land, remained on the council and remained the Royal Augur to Lord Blackthorn. For quite some time, Lord Blackthorn ruled a prosperous society, and Owain Surrey stood by his side, advising him behind closed doors.

            In time, Owain Surrey was not the only advisor whispering words in the ears of Lord Blackthorn.  Three black-robed men began accompanying Lord Blackthorn; his ears no longer listened to the soothsaying of Owain. If Owain would press them to allow him access to Blackthorn they would beleaguer him, refusing him influence upon the regent. They spoke to Lord Blackthorn of a great treason unto the throne; they spoke of the evil intentions of the people of Britannia, and of his own council members’ appetence for power --  their plots to take the throne for themselves.

            Thus Lord Blackthorn began his gradual descent into darkness.  Owain, seeing this, knew he must act soon lest Blackthorn be lost for eternity. After the black robes left at dusk upon a task most rancorous and malicious in nature (Owain could see this just from the looks in their eyes), Owain burst into Lord Blackthorn’s throne room to tell him a of a vision that came to him as he lay sleeping in a cold sweat, concerning the evil of these dark three, these robed aberrations.

            As he ascended towards the throne, he raised his eyes toward Lord Blackthorn and stopped abruptly.  As he gazed upon his great lord, he saw the transformation that had taken place since their last council. His skin was jaundiced, covered in chancres; his body sagged and his eyes looked ill, yet his mouth was curved in an ominous grin.

“My Lord, what has become of you?” Owain said, eyes wide and full of pain.

Blackthorn looked back at Owain, and burst into laughter.  “I am better, Owain, I now see the truth!”

 “My Lord, you are ill, let me take you to the healers,” Owain’s mouth stood agape “let me undo this evil that has been done unto you!”

“Do not touch me, traitor!” Blackthorne spat, “Guards, cast this man out my kingdom for he is an outlaw, never to return!”

            Owain teleported to and fro, avoiding the guard’s snares, leaving spurts of lightning trailing in his wake. Yet he was outnumbered, and soon the room was filled with royal guards. Despite his struggles, he was knocked unconscious and dragged from the hall.

            While this affront to Owain was great, and he was never able to return to Britannia under Blackthorn’s rule, it was not the worst he faced in the coming days. A former council member and good friend Kasaven sought him out to give him the more dire news.

            After Owain was outcast, Lord Blackthorn sought out Owain’s family, his wife and daughter. Kasaven spoke with much gravitas and pain as he told Owain what had happened. Owain’s family was taken from his home in the dead of night and put upon the block. At the stroke of midnight, his wife and daughter were beheaded as a warning to any others who would bring treason to the crown. If you spoke out against these three, who later became known as the Shadow Lords, or the crown, your pain would be catastrophic.

            Hearing this, Owain let out a paroxysm of rage, his fists banged against the earth with such force that he could have shattered its very fabric with his lamenting. A moment later he stood, and his eyes met with Kasaven’s. He motioned his palms forward and produced a forge and hammer where before nothing stood. He gripped the hammer so tightly that his palms turned white and his eyes grew red with fury.

            For three days he stood before the forge, pounding upon iron with such force that the clang could be heard for miles. The sound of hammer upon steel was as consistent as a metronome. Owain poured his sorrow, suffering, and seething hatred for the Shadow Lords into his creation. On midnight of the third day he gripped the hilt of the sword he had crafted and rotated his wrists, twirling it in front of him. He entitled it “Retribution”, for with it he planned to take the heads of each Shadow Lord who stole away his kingdom, his family, and his life.

            The Shadow Lords, knowing his intent to visit vengeance upon them, waited until Owain’s exhaustion finally turned into slumber. Knowing his gift of prescience, the Shadow Lords waited until he dreamed. Using their theurgy, they brought an imprecation upon him that corrupted his dreams. From then forth, Owain’s dreams were at times entirely false, the polar opposite, just as often as they came to fruition as truth.

            This became just another reason for Owain to make an oath to himself and his slain family to bring the Shadow Lords to justice.

After Blackthorn's death, Owain returned to Britan to sit upon the council. It was then that he began his magician's apprenticeship with Clainin, as Clainin had with Nystul, to further hone his prescient skills and become one of the most powerful magician's known to Britannia.