Ix Tab of the Infernal Court

                                                           Ix Tab

Ix Tab is an original creation by Clive Dauthi of Catskills.

There is a rumor that Ix Tab influenced the Daemon Massacre at Castle British to sway Relvinian to her purpose.

Ix Tab is one of the Great Evils of Catskills.

After her first great defeat at the Invasion of Aegis, Ix Tab realized that Britannians were yet strong and still held the courage to band together against a common foe. With this in mind, the great Demon set out to gather allies, and artifacts, that would guarantee her demonic dominion over the people of Catskills. She meant to retrieve the fragments of the Great Red Gem. Owain studied the fragments in solace and was assaulted by Ix Tab and a hoard of Ethereal Daemons. With the stolen gem fragments power, Ix Tab set out to revive Relvinian the Magician, with the help of the unwitting citizens of Catskills during the The Mage, The Demon, and the Crystal Fragments event.

At the hedge maze Ix Tab was successful in bringing Relvinian back from the dead. She convinced him that together they could control all Daemon kind and that humanity had long outcast him and sent him to his death.

They have united to spread their dark purpose throughout Britannia, becoming two of the Great Evils of Catskills.