by Barnaby

Monday, April 6th, 8:30pm EST – The Easter Ettin’s Eggciting Eggstravaganza!
An old fashion dungeon(s) raid with a bit of a twist…A moongate from the EM Hall will deliver you to the event location.

Saturday, April 11th, 8pm EST – Council of Governor’s Meeting

Saturday, April 25th, 7:00pm EST – Council of Governor’s Meeting

Saturday, May 2nd, 7pm EST – Delbert/Decay Event



by Barnaby

“Ulo looks worried, Captain.”

“Yes, my liege.”


King Blackthorn watched from atop one of his castle’s turrets as the diplomatic delegation to Nujel’m returned to brief Ulo Erogord, the Court Mage, on what transpired during talks with the Sultan. Beside him stood Olivia, Captain of the Guard. Known for her tendency to quietly study every situation in front of her, the Captain seemed uncharacteristically lost in thought.

“What of this business in Luna? Have you spoken to the Guards involved?” The King asked, trying to guess what might be on her mind. Judging by the moment it took her to register what he had said, it was likely an incorrect guess.

“Oh,” she began in surprise, “I believe the Regimental Captains met recently. My hope is they discussed it, but if need be I will speak with them, of course.”

The King nodded, still curious as to what was distracting the Captain. It would have to wait. He turned his attention back to the worried looking Mage as his own thoughts began to wander, coming to rest upon the vial that he knew still waited on his desk, and a letter he had recently received speaking of its contents.




            Across the sea two men stood upon a very different wall, looking to the south as a breeze carried the smell of the sea and swirled sand on the streets below them. They wrapped themselves in their cloaks, with hoods to hide their faces from any who may pass by – unlikely given the sand that had begun to blow in the streets. They stood for a time, neither speaking. They did not meet to have a long conversation.

“It would seem that their navy is a bit larger than we expected,” one of the men began in a dry, but unworried tone, “let’s see how prepared they are to use it. Send word to our…friend. It is time for a test.”



by Barnaby

Going to throw some dates out there for now:

Thursday, March 12th, 8pm EST – Delegation to Nujel’m
The King has called for a delegation of Governors to be sent to Nujel’m to meet with the Sultan and discuss recent attacks attributed to Nujel’m. This is strictly a role-playing event. Governors Inkboy and Mare Jade will lead the delegation, and will be organizing their escort. If you are a Town or King’s Guard and wish to serve, please arrive at Castle Blackthorn early in order to receive an assignment.

Thursday, March 19th, 8pm EST – Vesper Lighthouse Dedication

Friday, March 27th, 7pm EST – King’s Guard: Chase on the High Seas

Following the destruction of the Vesper lighthouse by the bandit Jor, Lieutenant Jeffrey has called for the King’s Guard to assemble outside Castle Blackthorn. Be prepared to raise anchor and cross swords with pirates as the Guard pursues Jor!

Tuesday, March 31st, 7pm EST – Council of Governor’s Meeting

On a separate note, I have created a Facebook page which I will begin posting events to. This is by no means intended to take the place of the community operated one, but simply another avenue to announce EM events. I will have more info once I’ve finished setting it up.

Please see THIS Announcement.



by Barnaby

During the recent Council Meeting the King mentioned holding a regatta to celebrate the construction of the new docks. It would seem that either he received wrong information regarding the docks, or else he had a bit too much wine before hand. They have not yet been constructed. There will still be an event for the 22nd, however, with details to be posted tomorrow. Thank you.



by Barnaby

Thursday, February 12th, 8pm EST – Council of Governors Meeting

Sunday, February 22nd, 6pm EST – TBD

Thursday, February 26th, 8:30pm EST – TBD

More information to come – I just wanted to make sure some initial dates are set.



by Barnaby

Monday, January 5th, 8pm EST – Town Guard Induction and Outpost Inspection
Captain Olivia will be inducting new Town Guards as well as inspecting the outposts that Regiments have petitioned to staff. If your regiment is staffing an outpost, please come prepared with a rune marked to the location and a mage on hand to open a moongate there.

Monday, January 12th, 8pm EST – Council of Governors Meeting

Sunday, January 18th, 5pm EST – TBD

Tuesday, January 20th, 9pm EST – “Santa Slay” Competition
Rescheduled from December.

Thursday, January 22nd, 8:30pm EST – “The Wayward Princess”

Monday, January 26th, 7:30pm EST – King’s Audience

Saturday, January 31st, 5pm EST – “In the Ground, In the Stars?”
Delbert’s quest to save the world from the Decay continues. Despite his claims of only needing to find ONE more root of the Decay, there are in fact TWO more. It would seem he forgot this given all the pain he is in lately. Once again, meet in Yew.



by Barnaby

Please see THIS POST.



by Barnaby

Sunday, December 21st, 7pm EST – King’s Guard: Envoy to Nujel’m
Meet with Detective Thorpe at the Castle. This will primarily be an RP engagement that will serve as a debrief of the most recent investigation, as well as a field trip to Nujel’m.

Sunday, December 21st, 8pm EST – King’s Guard: Engaging the Enemy
The bandit Jor has resurfaced, and Lieutenant Jeffrey will lead a force to capture him. Will the Guard prevail, or is this another trick by the crafty villain? Meet Jeffrey at the Castle. Points in the King’s Guard will be awarded for those who attend and file an after event report.

Sunday, December 21st, 9:30pm EST – King’s Guard: ???
A short, RP-centric “mini-investigation” that will tie-up the night’s events and indicate a future direction for this plot. Please meet with Thorpe at his “Office” in Britain. Points in the King’s Guard will be awarded for those who attend and file an after event report.

Monday, December 22nd, 7pm EST – Council of Governor’s Meeting
The first meeting of the new term. Due to the business of the holiday season, attendance will be considered optional, and the meeting (hopefully) short (which by our standards would still be, what, four hours?).

Monday, December 29th, 7pm EST – Winter Festival: Opening Ceremony and Archery/Throwing Competition – Meet at the Britain Fairgrounds for the opening of the two day Winter Festival. The first event will be an Archery & Throwing competition.

Monday, December 29th, 8:30pm EST – Winter Festival: Santa Slay
A unique PvP/PvM/Puzzle hybrid event. Teams of up to three people (and template) are encouraged to enter. Points can be earned through defeating other competitors, monsters, or solving puzzles. Be warned: should you leave the event arena, you will not be able to re-enter. Details coming soon, but start putting your team together!

Tuesday, December 30th, time TBD – Winter Festival: Find Barnaby (and Hit Him With a Snowball), Tavern Crawl



by Barnaby

For any who remember the the Thanksgiving Theft of 2012, or last year’s Turkey Hunt, the name “One-Eyed Jack” might send a chill down your spine. It seems that, once again, Jack has returned…with a vengeance!

Perhaps it is the continued consumption of how comrade fowl, or maybe it has something to do with the recent hunting permits being distributed…either way, Jack is back and he has brought friends.

Some of these friends you may find quite tame, while others, if taken alone, will surely maim (that was forced, wasn’t it?).

If you manage to slay one of Jack’s followers, be sure to check the body for a special book. Each book is worth a set amount of points (based upon the difficulty of the turkey), and has a unique code that identifies it – do NOT give this code to anyone, as if there is any duplicate submissions NO points will be awarded.

You can compete as an individual, or as a guild. Gather as many books as you can, and put them in a bag with your character or guild’s name and deposit into the mailbox next to the EM Hall in Britain NO LATER than 11/30.

Oh, and keep a wary eye out for Jack himself, as he is sure to be wandering the woods somewhere, waiting to attack…