RBG: Rewards

The Royal Britannian Guard of Catskills

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Members of the RBG may earn rewards in the form of uniform pieces.  Remember, as a member of the RBG you are always on duty and as such should behave appropriately.

Rewards may be earned through the following points system:


Attendance max of 1 point
Participation max of 5 points
Merit max of 5 points
Report max of 5 points
Roleplay max of 5 points
Demerit unlimited – points


When completing a report it should be written from an in-character perspective and emailed to me at emdramnar@gmail.com . Remember, you will only be expected to fill in a report when asked to by the character leading the event.

A warning: Do not store your rewards on mannequins – they have a tendency to disappear!


Brevet shoulders
General cloak
Brigadier helm
Captain arms
Sergeant legs
Man-at-Arms gloves and gorget
Lieutenant chest
Ensign kilt and boots
Recruit sash


EM Dramnar reserves the right to change anything here at any time.