RBG: Roster

The Royal Britannian Guard of Catskills

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Below you will see the current roster of the RBG listed by rank.

If you do not see yourself on the list below and wish to be a part of the RBG then email me and I will add you to the roster.

If you are currently an Initiate and are absent for more than five RBG events without notification you will be removed from the roster and must reapply to join the RBG.

The only way you will learn your current points is by completing a mission report when asked to do so after an event.

Last edited December 14, 2017.

Abigail Initiate
Aedon Durreah Initiate
Aethos Initiate
Allynna Windwar Initiate Promotion
Bless the Fall Initiate
Claudia Drusilla Sergeant
Doreme Initiate
Dysock Recruit  Promotion
Faeryl Tyr’athem Man-at-Arms
Jag Initiate
Kat Coral Initiate
Keenbadger Man-at-Arms
Lyra Darkstar Ensign
MaintAlter Recruit Promotion
Myosotis Initiate
Nails Warstein Sergeant
Oxie Initiate
Pan Initiate
Pitr Recruit Promotion
Poor Boy Recruit
Rasesar Wej Initiate
Sergio Jarrett Initiate Promotion
SinDee Initiate
Stevie the Gypsy Sergeant
Tobias Cardont Sergeant
Tserim Arryth Sergeant
Victor Initiate

EM Dramnar reserves the right to change anything here at any time.