As promised, a bit of clarity in regards to the current storyline involving the establishment of a new Royal Council.

Soon you may discover a number of the nobles who now comprise this Council in their respective cities, towns, and villages. I think you will find they will have a lot to say about each other, the idea of a new Council, as well as Britannia as a whole. Some of their remarks may be designed to give hints about what is to come, and some may simply give you insight into their character.

This should be considered part of an on-going event, where small events may occur that taken individually might seem insignificant, but when viewed as part of the larger picture may turn out to be very important. I realize this may sound vague, but I mean it to be. This event(s) is about telling a story, and doing it in a way that encourages the community to explore, and work together. In many ways it is a puzzle – a puzzle that has had many of it’s pieces revealed already, through events large and small during the last three months.

An announcement will be made when the Council members are “up”.

Please see this post by Vallend for a nice summary of the meeting.


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