Citizens of Britannia!

The Sultan of Nujel’m cordially invites all to this year’s Festival of Masks! Come with your best disguise and take in the beauty of Nujel’m. The streets in front of the palace are open for all to enjoy a night of merriment. As is tradition, it will be assumed that all those wearing a mask are part of “The Game”. A great ruby, the Eye of Dahsk, will secretly be given to one person to carry while all other attendees try to find out who has it, steals it, and returns it to myself, the Master of Ceremonies and Vizier to the Sultan. The winner will receive a special recognition of a value far greater than that of the Eye.

In addition, all brewers, distillers, and wine-makers are asked to bring a barrel of their finest to share. After all have had a chance to sample, a vote will be taken to declare the best!

The Festival begins promptly at 7pm EST, and will last two hours. Please note that this event takes place on the Felucca facet.


The Grand Vizier to the All-Powerful and Very Handsome Sultan of Nujel’m


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