Hi, everyone.

First I’ll speak of what is to come in our near future. I’ll be holding an event on Sunday, June 12th. The time is TBD, look for fiction and a time in an upcoming post. It deals with altering time and space, so there will be a few surprises in store *grins.*

However, I’m afraid it will be my final event as Catskills Event Moderator. Without going too far into detail, this summer I’m close to graduating from college, I’ve solidified an internship into my field, and my time is waning too thin at the moment to provide Catskills with the amount and quality of events that it deserves.  With that in mind, I decided it would be best to resign and leave you in Barnaby’s able hands, and the up and coming hands of your new moderator.

It has certainly been a ride to remember. This winter would mark my third year as Catskill’s Event Moderator, and to say it has been a pleasure would be an understatement. The quality of people I’ve met along the way, both within the EM program and among the player base, has been remarkable. From our first event where I was rescued from Sea Sirens, to Owain Surrey’s death, and everything in between, have all been great experiences, even if they entailed quite a bit of hard work along the way. It was worth it.

Along the way you may see EM Adris out and about, he will be working along EM Barnaby, so be sure to give him a warm welcome. Hope to see you all once more before I go seeking Lord British. Maybe you’ll see me again someday.

Your EM,



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