To all Kind-Hearted and Able Bodied Adventurers,

Sometime in the previous evening a strange, terrible theft occurred at the Mint of Vesper! There was no damage done to any of the vault rooms, and the robbers didn’t take any of the deposits or reserves, but instead made off with a room full of donated gifts. These donations came from the citizens of Vesper who came together for the holidays in support of the town’s orphans (some of whom had only just lost their parents in recent conflict). Local investigators have not come up with any answers, and I am at my wit’s end! I need your help.

Please, if any of you could find it in your hearts to come to the aid of these children, and save their holiday season, meet me outside the bank in Vesper in two nights. With any luck, we will find the stolen gifts and bring those responsible to Justice!


Karel, Bank Manager of the Mint of Vesper


When: Wednesday, 7:30pm EST

Where: Vesper Bank, Trammel


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