by EM Nathael

Hirelings needed for Ore Shipment

(The following  note was seen posted outside The Ironworks armory in the town of Vesper)

“The Ironworks armory of Vesper is seeking worthy adventurers who are willing to serve as hirelings for an upcoming delivery of iron ore.  My brother, Abe Dering, is currently gathering the necessary iron ore in the Minoc Mines for a new, valuable, customer of ours.  Unfortunately, the crew of hirelings I typically contract with to provide protective services on the return trip home from Minoc to Vesper have decided not to renew their contract – for unknown reasons.  I realize it may be difficult finding a worthy crew of hirelings on short notice but,  all interested parties should meet my brother Abe near the entrance to the Minoc Mines located just East of Minoc, over the bridge.  Due to difficult economic times, I am unable to pay you in gold for your services, but perhaps we might reach another agreement.

Jon Dering
Owner of The Ironworks, Vesper”

Event Date: 7/10/10
Event Time:
Minoc Mines (96o 51’N , 87o 53’E)


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