by EM Nathael

Campfire Tales and Stories

Date: Friday, June 11th
Time: 9:00PM EST
Where: EM Rewards Hall in Malas

Please join us at the EM Rewards Hall in Malas as we gather to share tales and stories of adventure while enjoying the warmth of a roaring campfire under the moonlit starry night.  Players who wish to share a short story or tale of their own are encouraged to sign up ahead of time by sending an email to emnathael@gmail.com.  Please try to keep your storytelling to  a duration of no more than ten minutes so there is ample time for all players to participate.  So join us, storytellers and spectators both, for some good old fashioned storytelling, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and community spirit.

(Players can find the EM Rewards Hall in Malas by going through the black vortex located outside the EM Meeting Hall in Britain, Trammel)

NOTE – EM Nathael will be telling an interactive story at this event as well.


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