by EMCernunnos

People of Catskills,

It is with much sadness that this decision was made, but it is time for me to retire as your EM. Since I first found myself on your shard, picked up my Catskills Survival Guide, and stepped out into the midst of the chaos that is Catskills, it’s been an enjoyable trip. I knew before I started that Catskills had a long history of being unique amongst the shards, and you didn’t disappoint. It has been an honor to serve as an EM on a shard with so many great players and unique communities. It has been wonderful to hear your tales and share many stories with you. It has been a pleasure to work with EM Kasaven to bring the events and games we designed to you, help you bring your own ideas to life, and to have the honor of officiating some of your weddings.

I could list my favorite times and memories, but I’d rather share them with you in person. EM Kasaven will be hosting a going-away party, starting at 7pm Eastern on Thursday 4/29, at the Catskills Fairground. I hope to see you there.

Your horned EM,

Although I am stepping down, I am not leaving my 12+ years of UO behind; so be good, as you never know when I’ll be watching!


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