The monthly story contest returns! Come tell a tale by the fireside on Tuesday January 26th at 8pm Eastern Time. Beginners and veteran story tellers alive are welcome to participate and tell a tale of their own creation. The theme is “Ad Lib” – Make up a story on the spot based on a topic which the host draws from a hat!
The story contest takes place at the campfire amphitheater next to the Reward Hall in Malas. A gate to the Reward Hall is available from the West Britain Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain. See you there!

Fairground Games Return! The snow* settled on the Catskills’ Britain Fairgrounds sets the stage for winter competitions. This will be a multi-week event, continuing on Thursday January 28th at 9:00 pm Eastern time.

Arctic RaceBegins at 9:00 pm Eastern time at the fairground stage. Race on foot through the winter night to be the first to cross the finish line! Be careful however, as the winter storms are expected to be in full force this evening, and many a racer may find themselves face down in the snow and out of the race. All participants are required to run the entire course on foot – no pets, mounts, forms, or wings are permitted. (Participants are also advised that death may be likely) See you there!

Gates to the fairground will be provided from West Britain Bank and the West Britain Counselor Hall for the duration of the event.

Look for more gaming events to follow in February!
(PS: I didn’t expect the snow to melt so early! – the events are still on however!)


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