Fairground Games Return! The snow* settled on the Catskills’ Britain Fairgrounds sets the stage for winter competitions. This will be a multi-week event, continuing on Thursday January 21st at 8:00 pm Eastern time.

Horse race – Begins at 8:00 pm at the fairground race track. Carry the light of the solstice to the finish line! Each participant must be mounted on a horse or horse-breed: faction warhorses, dread warhorses, nightmares, and fire steeds are permitted – no ethereals, chargers, unicorns, hiryus, or other mounts are allowed. Standard horses will be for sale at the event. Please leave all other pets at home to avoid confusion!

Polar Bear Race – Begins after the conclusion of the horse race. This is a special round for veterans (who own polar bear mounts) only! Celebrate winter by riding your polar bear to victory!

Archery Tournament – Begins at 9:30 pm at the fairgrounds archery buttes (north west corner of the fairgrounds). Cold fingers in the winter night add to the challenge! Participants are not permitted to wear any skill enhancing or hit-chance increase items (jewelry, weapons, armor, etc.).

Gates to the fairground will be provided from West Britain Bank and the West Britain Counselor Hall for the duration of the event.

Look for more gaming events to follow on the 28th!
(PS: I didn’t expect the snow to melt so early! – the events are still on however!)


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