Marsh Hall Harvest Party
The new proprietor of The Marsh Hall in Vesper (Felucca) wishes to cordially invite all of Catskills for a grand-reopening party! Come taste the brew-master’s special harvest ale and enjoy the festivities. The party will take place at the Marsh Hall Tavern in Vesper Felucca, on Sunday 10/25 at 4:00 PM Eastern Time.
Please note: the event will take place in Felucca, so please dress yourselves accordingly!

The Storytelling Contest Returns on Thursday 10/29!
For the month of October, we return to thoughts of scary tales and mysterious hauntings. Come sit down by the campfire next to the Catskills Reward Hall (accessible through the vortex next to the West Britain Counselor’s Hall in Trammel) on Thursday 10/29 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Tell a tale or just come to listen, but be ready for a spooky time!

Stories must be your own work.
One story per person.
Five minute time limit per tale (seriously).
Stories and language is PG-13.
Stories will be judged on their quality, presentation, and scariness.
Participants may submit their tales in written form to be added to the Reward Hall library.


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