by Barnaby

Howdy folks.

As many of you have noticed (I appreciate all of the emails checking in on me) I haven’t been around much this month. I wish I could say it was because I was so busy preparing the book event of epicness that I have been hinting at, but sadly that is not the case. Instead of giving a preview of that event story, this morning I regretfully inform you that I am taking a leave from the EM Program.

I’m not sure I can put in words my appreciation for all of the players of Catskills. For five years I have had the privilege of being part of the best community this game has ever seen. Community. It’s a word that is often tossed about, but rarely is it considered beyond a generic meaning. Community to me is, in a sense, an ecology – the recognition that all members have an impact on others. Unlike a natural ecology, however, it has developed through choice. Despite disagreements, arguments, and difference, you have all chosen to make this not only your “second place,” but a second home.

I have been in a consistent state of awe at the creativity of this shard. Sure, we’ve had our share of drama (and perhaps Chesapeake’s share, and Origin’s share, and….;) but you made my job easy. All I ever wanted to do as an EM was tell a story. The ways in which many of you participated in that story, made it your own, and contributed to it are many. There were SO, so many times in the past five years where an event or story changed as a result of your interaction.

Beyond the events, the competitions (go Blue Beetles!), and the role-play, I appreciate having to gotten to know so many of you not just as your characters, but the player behind the character. I say this recognizing that I myself, bound to certain rules, was very careful about letting too much be known about me. I hope to one day find my way back here, so with that in mind, I will still keep those rules in mind. What I can say is that while my heart is still in the job, my head and my energy is not. I am managing family illnesses, and preparing for my first child (due in January). If it is a boy, Kyronix dared me to name him Dupre. I’m not one to back down from a challenge 😛

As I said, I hope one day to return, but that may not happen. I know that whatever happens, Mesanna and the development team will see that you are in good hands. When I first arrived on Catskills I had the benefit of Kasaven being able to show me the ropes. He took me to Olympus, to Aegis, Vamp’s Lair and others. He explained a bit of the history. As I will be taking my leave JUST before I was all set to finish the overall narrative I’ve been working on for years, I will be leaving a detailed primer for whomever takes my place. It is my hope that there will be a sense of continuity. At the same time, a new EM means new, fresh ideas – something that you deserve, and I know you will enjoy. If nothing else, you will AT LEAST be guaranteed someone who is better suited to playing a proud monarch.

Thank you again for allowing me the privilege of being part of your community for the last five years.




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