In accordance with King Blackthorn’s wishes, a War Council consisting of the Governors of Trinsic, Vesper, and Jhelom was convened. During their meeting, they, assisted by others who provided counsel, determined that the best way to deal with the Vizier and his threat from Nujel’m was to first find the Sultan, capture Jor the pirate, and then finally remove the Vizier by force, if necessary. With the Sultan safe, the Vizier would be unable to lay the blame for hostilities on Britannia.

An investigation was called for to locate the Sultan. While this was not successful, the King’s Guard was able to root Jor from his hiding place in Moonglow, driving him back into the Lost Lands. Now, the King has asked that this effort be followed up on in the hopes that in finally capturing Jor, the location of the Sultan will be learned.

Meet with King Blackthorn in the throne room of his castle at 8pm EST.


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