by Barnaby

I apologize for the schedule being weighted towards the second half of the month – I have some family affairs taking me out of town for longer than I thought. Still, there is a lot going on!

Thursday, 9/10 – Tuesday 9/15 – The Search for Jor: Lost and Found (Investigation)                                         The final investigation in the current arc. Jeffrey will be at the Castle with details by 7pm EST. Reports must be filed by the end of the day on Wednesday, 9/16 in the mailbox at the Reward Hall. All who file a report will receive points towards their Guard rank.

Wednesday, 9/16, 9pm EST – Audiences With the King                                                                                                   A chance for citizens and friends of the Kingdom to petition the King. All who wish to speak will be held to a time limit (determined by the number of attendees). The location is to be determined.

Friday, 9/18, 8pm EST – Council of Governors Meeting

Monday, 9/21, 8pm EST – Kings and Pirates                                                                                                                       A continuation of the Lost and Found investigation (details will be known following the conclusion of said investigation).

Sunday, 9/27, 7pm EST – The Time Gate                                                                                                                                The finale to the current global arc leading up to the Time of Legends. More details to come.

Wednesday, 9/30, 9pm EST – Machinations                                                                                                                         The final play by/against the Vizier is made. Details to be given pending earlier events this month.


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