by Barnaby

To start:

Monday the 10th, Council of Governor’s Meeting, 7pm EST (Will be dealing almost exclusively with matters related to Rorik and Nujel’m).

Tuesday the 18th, King’s Guard: Interrogation of Juwain, 10pm EST.                                                            Jeffrey will oversee a questioning of Juwain of Nujel’m. It is likely that his information will lead to other assignments this evening, assignments best done in the dark of night. Information gathered this evening will be given to the War Council for consideration.

Friday the 21st, 7pm EST – The Despair Diamond of Ilshenar

Monday the 24th, 8pm EST – Council of Governor’s Meeting                                                                              The War Council will brief the King and Governors on potential attack and plans of defense. We will hear truncated reports from each town individually, as well, and give some of the gathered citizenry a chance to speak before the King and Council.

Monday the 31st, 8pm EST – The Decay of Sosaria: Epilogue                                                                                    Honoring the last wish of Delbert, volunteers are going to be asked to be both scholar as well as adventurer as they decipher a series of clues in order to locate Delbert and the Tree of Life. See THIS page for a summary of the story arc.


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