Howdy folks.

I had written up something a bit more fictiony, but accidentally deleted it 🙁

Until I can redo it, I’m going to give a barebones breakdown of where we currently are with the extended investigation:

Part I:

1. At Buc’s Den a few drunken pirates can be heard laughing and telling stories about Jor’s exploits – including the time he stole a ship from a Tokunese fisherman.

2. ALSO in Buc’s Den is our old friend Moody the Drunk who seemed, well, a bit less drunk than normal. He mentions a thief named Joshua (who you may recall from previous events) who came in asking about Jor. He indicates Thorpe may know more.

3. Returning to Thorpe, he reluctantly agrees to enlist the aid of Joshua, and tells you to leave a message for him.

4. At the docks in Zento, you can find a fisherman ranting about having his new ship, the “Kaze,” stolen by a pirate.

Ten points max – 4 for Leaving the message, 4 for finding the name of the ship, and 2 for getting both components and writing up a report including your own analysis of the evidence.

Part II:

Joshua leaves a return message in the book, specifying a time and day to “receive a shipment.” He is found near the message drop point. More to come after reports for this section are filed.


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