by Barnaby

Olivia…wake up…wake up Olivia Kanlocke…now.

Olivia Kanlocke, Captain of the Guard, bolted upright in her bed, woken as if physically shaken by the words that entered into an otherwise untroubled sleep. She rubbed one eye with her palm and wondered what time it was. She sighed as she realized a candle still burned in the far corner of the room – she must not have been asleep long.

As her eyes began to adjust, she realized the candle was not flickering, moving shadows here and there. She became immediately alert, and with the quickness of a warrior in her prime, she moved. Expecting an attack of magic, she leapt from her bed, clutching the dagger she kept under her pillow. She hit the ground rolling, expecting to hear the crack of lightning or feel the singe of a ball of flame as it passed overhead. She regained her footing mere feet from the source of light. Bringing her eyes, and her dagger, to bear, she was stunned by a dazzling flash that filled the room.

She staggered backwards as the blinding light began to subside. Through the spots that danced across her eyes, she could begin to make out a shape. A man, in a robe.

“Do not fear me, Olivia. I am known by various names, but most call me the Time Lord. Do not fear me, for it is I who needs your help.”


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