Klog, Baglug, and Bilge

Klog the Orcish Mage Baglug Bilge

(“The Lost Orc Brothers”, “The Easter Orcs”, “The Trik ore Treet Urks”)

Three Orc brothers who were banished from their clan. Always a bit “different” than their fellow orcs, these three had their fates as outcasts sealed when a botched raid on a human dye shop left them permanently changed. Mistrusted by many humans, they have nevertheless proven to be a great help to all who seek it. Rumor has it, they are quite accomplished costumers.


The strangest of strange orcs, Klog speaks the language of humans as well, if not better, than most humans themselves! He is a powerful Orcish Mage, and a source of considerable knowledge. He is fascinated by all studies, but is quite partial to entomology (especially when it comes to the sentient species such as Terethans). He is often found in his study in the depths of Ice Dungeon.


Introverted and artistic, Baglug prefers to stay settled and paint (though he occasionally is dragged on adventures by one of his brothers). He is usually found with his friend, Sudiva, whose eggs he paints (when Sudiva allows, of course).


The fearless Bilge always admired the stories of great human adventurers, for they were full of just as much action as orcish tales, but with half of the marauding and limb eating. Bilge’s reputation as a warrior grew as he waged an endless one-orc-war against the forces of Cora in the dungeon Covetous. He also successfully negotiated trade rights with the Sea Market so that he may sell the fish he catches on his many voyages. Most impressively, however, he was selected by the great Dupre himself to serve as general of the allied forces assaulting the front gates of the city during the Siege of Ver Lor Reg. His assault was successful as it occupied the majority of Exodus’ forces, allowing an assault force led by Dupre to sneak into the city undetected. When Bilge is not in Covetous or on the high seas, he can be found in his secret base hidden below the surface of Buc’s Den.


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