From the Desk of Detective Thorpe, Lead Investigator

To All Royal Investigators,

I will be holding a meeting in the new Britain office five days from now at nine in the evening. We have reached a critical juncture during our investigation of Benambra and the Pentad of Power. We have recently obtained one artifact, while another is believed to have fallen to our unseen enemy. This leaves three artifacts unaccounted for, and no leads to follow. My hope is that we can come together and discuss what we know, and begin our search on this evening. I will collect reports at the end of the evening, which will go towards your promotion progress.

You will find me in my usual spot at King Blackthorn’s Castle – we shall proceed from there. Please review all of your notes in order to be prepared. Thank you.




WHEN: 10/24, 9PM est

WHERE: Castle Blackthorn, Britain (Trammel)

WHAT: A meeting to be followed by a short(ish) investigation. Unlike usual investigations, this will NOT be a “quest” style that you can do whenever. Points in the Investigator System will be awarded. Please refer to THIS PAGE for a recap of what has taken place so far during this story arc.


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