by Barnaby

Detective Thorpe and Sir Andrew lept from their seats as something flew by their heads. It landed on the table in front of them with a squishy “thump”, and reeked of swamp water. An irate voice greeted them from the door.

“There! We got ’em! Bleah.”

The two men collected themselves, and silently regarded the owner of the voice. Lieutenant Jeffrey stood in the doorway to the Viceroy’s meeting chamber soaked to the bone and smelling wretched. His normally bushy hair and mustache were caked with mud, and the frown on his face suggested he did not enjoy his mission to Nox Tereg in the slightest. The King’s Viceroy, Sir Andrew, turned his attention to the bag on the table and carefully began to open it. Confusion swept across his face as he reached in to grab what he saw.

“Hold on!” Jeffrey exclaimed. “Don’t touch them! I did as much myself and was horribly sick after. Heavin’ and fallin’ down…all of it. They might not look like much, but they definitely be one of the artifacts.” Jeffrey continued, referring to the five artifacts of the “Pentad of Power”.

Nodding, Thorpe leaned over and looked into the open bag. Inside he saw a pair of sandals. Normal, everyday sandals…except that they glowed a vibrant green color. As he stared at them, a word began to form in his head. At first quietly, and then with increasing volume, he heard the word as though a voice in his head was saying it; Balance. He looked up at Andrew who, judging by the startled look on his face, must have experienced the same thing.

Across the room, Jeffrey chuckled. “Strange, eh?”

Thorpe nodded before responding, “Indeed. At least we have one of the five now. Assuming this ‘Bringer of Chaos’ only has the Source of the Spirit of Energy, that should make us even.”

“What do you intend to do now?” Andrew asked.

“We keep looking for the others.”

This meeting follows THIS EVENT and is part of the “Benambra’s Trail” event arc.


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