by Barnaby

“Still looking for an office, Detective?”

Taken by surprise, Thorpe whirled to meet the voice behind him, producing a dagger from his belt as he did so. The sun had long since fallen, but there was enough light from nearby torches to see the stranger standing a few steps away.

“Ho! Wait a moment Detective, don’t kill the messenger,” the stranger said as he brought his palms out in front of him and took a step back. He was unarmed, and dressed simply in short pants, plain shirt, and a green bandana. Aside from his plea and slight retreat, he didn’t seem alarmed by the blade in front of him, “You can put the knife down, I mean you no harm.”

Thorpe relaxed a little, but kept his dagger in hand, “Why should I listen to a thief, Joshua? That is your name, isn’t it?”

A smile spread across the stranger’s face as he nodded, “Ah! So nice to be recognized. Have no worries, Detective – I come on other business. I was asked to deliver a message to you. ‘Have your investigators meet me at the Conservatory, tomorrow evening as the clock strikes nine’ he told me to tell you. And I have. So if you’ll excuse me…” Joshua trailed off as he turned to slip back into the shadows.

“Wait! Who sent you?” Thorpe asked.

“Come, Detective, surely you have been waiting for a message for some weeks now.” Joshua stated, in mock accusation.

“The Healer?”

The thief just smiled again, and then ran.

Electing not to give chase, Thorpe simply looked to Felucca overhead and whispered one word, “Finally.”


This will be a short role playing opportunity involving some of the major characters of the “Benambra’s Trail” story arc. Information revealed here will have implications for the future of the arc. 9pm EST on September 26th.


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