This is a recap of the events and fiction that made up the “Curse of the L-Ag” mini-arc that ran from early February ’til late March in 2013. The story involves the appearance of concentrated “plague” areas around Britannia. People who entered these areas immediately grew lethargic, while beasts that did so seemed to become stronger and faster. At the heart of the problem was a familiar Imp with a penchant for mischief…


The story begins with call from King Blackthorn. The King tasks Thorpe and his Detectives to investigate the appearance of a strange illness that had taken hold of certain areas spread across the kingdom. Through the efforts of the detectives (most notably that of veterans Bytor and Irulia D’Arkaith, as well as newcomer Action Jackson) a number of “outbreak” locations are discovered, and a pattern for their appearance is divined. In addition, it is discovered that “The Imp” has been effected, and may have something to do with appearance of the illness itself. For details on the investigation, please refer to Irulia’s most excellent report.

Those familiar with The Imp may recall that he had just recently returned from a year long fishing trip to the “Land of Superior Lakes” (which, as it turns out, were “more like puddles”). One of the Emissaries from this land, Autolycus, even made an appearance at this time to warn Emissary Barnaby and those gathered that The Imp may have “brought something back” with him.

Upon questioning The Imp (now freed from the frozen state that the detectives had found him in), this was confirmed. A similar affliction had sprung up in “The Land of Superior Lakes” where it had been given the name “L-Ag”. There were a few differences in how the L-Ag manifested in this land, but The Imp was confident he could fix the problem. He insisted that Emissary Barnaby let him have “some of the fun for a change” and that the Emissary allow him to handle the problem. Barnaby agreed, but explained that if The Imp failed, he would have to answer to someone “terrible” and “infinitely more powerful” than Barnaby himself.

The Imp asked those gathered to think of ideas for a cure, and to relay them to him within two days. In the meantime, he took explained that they could do some immediate good by dealing with a nest of insects that had taken residence near one of the L-Ag outbreak areas (which happened to be in the Britain Farms area). Arms were gathered, reagents checked, and pets fed as The Imp opened a moongate to the area.

Upon arriving, the group found a large hole in the ground, with a steady stream of giant insects crawling out of it and attacking. The Imp surmised that there must be a Queen in the hole, and that something was needed to lure it out. He asked everyone to gather some supplies, most of which he had hidden for just such an occasion. Humans, Gargoyles, and Elves alike set out to retrieve these supplies, each of which was guarded by monster, riddle, or padlock.

When all the supplies were brought back to The Imp, he constructed a large oven, and began to bake pies on the spot! Once done, he spread the pies around the hole in an attempt to use their terrible odor to lure the Queen bug out. Perhaps the only thing more strange than his solution, is that it actually worked! The Queen came out of the hole, and was immediately attacked. A long fight ensued, but eventually the beast was defeated.

Two days later, adventurers and treasure seekers once again gathered at the bath house that The Imp was calling home. Before they could try any of the proposed solutions, Emissary Barnaby appeared. After trading barbs with The Imp, Barnaby explained that though The Imp was infected (perhaps permanently) with the L-Ag, the true root cause of the problem was the method of transportation The Imp used to travel between the worlds. He went on to say that The Imp foolishly left “the front door open” and that was allowing the L-Ag to manifest at a more rapid pace and left this land vulnerable to the attacks of the “many others” that existed. He demanded The Imp finish what he started, and departed.

Wasting no time, The Imp took everyone to the desert north of Britain where the Shrine of Compassion lay. It didn’t take long to locate the “dimensional moongate”…surrounded by strange felines that seemed to be guarding it. After defeating the cats (as well as the crystals that they were using to keep the moongate open), a large being resembling a cross between a Meer and a predator cat stepped through the gate and laid waste to the Sosarians surrounding it. The adventurers recovered quickly, however, and soon enough it was the otherworldly feline who was defeated, allowing The Imp to close the dimensional moongate.

With a crisis apparently averted, The Imp took his leave of the adventurers. As he did, though, many still had questions on their minds; Who, or what, were those creatures that came through the dimensional gate? Could they return? And just what did Barnaby mean when he said that the L-Ag could never fully be cured?


As a show of his gratefulness for the assistance of of those who helped close the dimensional gate, The Imp made public the location of a great treasure vault that once belonged to a man named Benambra. A raid followed as those seeking fortune and glory alike descended upon the cave, encountering many monsters and traps defending it. Ultimately, they were able to retrieve a portion of the treasure, but there were indications that perhaps The Imp’s reason for for disclosing the location was not entirely of an altruistic nature…


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