Roughly two weeks ago…

“AAAAAAHH!” A woman’s scream rose above the mid-morning bustle of Britain, “It stole my CANDY!”

“It went that way!”

“No! My wife’s flowers!”

“Gah! Thieving little beast!”

“Guards! I pay my taxes, and no guards!?”

“The mongbat! He stole my Valentine’s Day present!”

“He’s headed for the moongate – someone stop him!”

“He escaped with all those flowers and chocolates…but what could a mongbat want with them?”


The moongate next to the West Britain Bank shimmers and lets loose a magic squeal. Into the late hours of the day a familiar little mongbat steps into the small crowd that still had business to conduct at the Bank. Beaten and bloody, even those who recognized him and remembered his antics felt a twinge of pity. He hobbled back and forth on an injured leg, screeching a sad, mournful cry. He extended a small bony claw behind him, pointing to the gate he had just exited as tears began to fill his eyes…


WHERE: Outside the EM Hall in Britain

WHEN: 2/24 at 7:30pm EST

A quick reminder for those who haven’t seen the schedule for February, or have not seen it since the time was changed – the event originally scheduled for 2/16 will be held Sunday, 2/24. “Orcs vs. Savages”, the event originally scheduled for tomorrow will be held at a later date.


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