by Barnaby

The decaying, gnarled body of Relvinian slumped against a stone wall at the bottom of a long shaft deep underneath the Hedgemaze. As a Lich risen from the dead, his physical strength was tied inseparably to his magic. With his stores of power utterly depleted, he would need some time to recover before moving on.

Above him he heard cries of victory mingled with calls for further pursuit of the Undead mage. “Fools. They do not realize there is a reason I didn’t leave this way in the first place,” Relvinian muttered, the tattered remains of his face twisted into a permanent snarl.

Indeed there was a reason, he thought as his malevolent gaze searched the way in front of him. Defeated, escape to this place was his only option. He knew what he would now face, and powerful as he was, he could barely comprehend that which could be found underneath his grave.

He knew his passage here would not go unnoticed – the best he could hope for is that the entity that dwelled here would not take an interest in him. This place was not a source of evil, as one would expect such a location to be, but was nonetheless a source of great power. Relvinian did not fear what its’ sole inhabitant could do to him, but rather the interference it could have on the plans of Ix Tab and himself.

Relvinian had little doubt that he would escape what was to come. But his entrance here ensured that he wouldn’t be the only one escaping the depths of the earth. The voices above having quieted to a murmur, he could hear something ahead –  laughter from deep within the darkness.

I am mostly recovered from my Blackrock poisoning, though I have lost most of my sense of taste. Regardless, know that I am well enough to resume control over the guard.

I have many requests to form new regiments. The Guard is growing stronger by the day.

A list of prospective regiments:

Royal Navy in Serpent’s Hold. Captain : Victoria Navarre

Royal Guard in Moonglow. Captain : Grimmjow

Royal Guard in Yew. Captain : Dallen Bowsong

Spy Regiment in Skara Brae : Malachi

Royal Guard in Luna: Lady Flutter

Royal Guard in Luna: Zuckuss


In order to obtain official captaincy status over your regiment, I will require the following from each prospective captain.

A test of strength – I will pit your regiment against captured monsters to determine your strategic skill and battle prowess.

A Captain’s interview – Why are you more able to preside over a regiment than others? Will your regiment respect your authority, and thus the authority of the commander? Discuss a detailed battle plan for your prospective town protectorate.

A list of regiment troops, a list of houses owned by regiment troops in your towns area. Numbers and strategic outposts are necessary in wartime. Protecting your home, loved ones, adds extra incentive to protecting a town.


OOC Notes –

1) The list of regiment troops/houses should be a physical in-game book given to the commander during interview.

2)The troops participating in the test of strength must be under one tag. Tags for town protectorate status are not limited to RBG_. An existing guild can act as a RBG regiment without having RBG in the tag. They will be under the RBG theme, however, and will answer to the commander in an RP sense.

3) A lone individual is not acceptable to start a guard. Town numbers are finite; therefore groups are needed so everyone has a chance to participate.

4) Be honest in your numbers and with those participating in your test of strength. Everyone will be documented, and each member will be expected to participate in their guard theme.

5) Current regiments are grandfathered in these rules, the guard is always evolving, so I won’t hold that against prior regiments.

6) Magincia, in its current state, is not accepting a regiment. There is nothing much to protect.

7) This takes a lot of effort on the parts of Mesanna and I. If you aren’t interested in participating, or are just here to see a headquarters erected, please don’t apply for captaincy of a town.

8 )Headquarters will take effort to acquire. These aren’t things that will be simply handed out. They are -not- decoration. They will not be extensive. Keep that in mind when working toward your regiment.

9) Captains on this list, get in contact with me through email to provide a time we can do the tests!  EMKasaven@gmail.com



by Kasaven

SEE PRIOR FICTION BEFORE CONTINUING – http://catskills.uoem.net/?p=694


Owain watched as Relvinian shuffled forward. The blue flame flickered to and fro in the background as if aware of what occurred around it.

Relvinian produced a red crystal fragment from a pouch at his side. “You come seeking this?”

“I come to see you rest for the final time.” Owain spat as he steadied his sword in front of him.

Relvinian laughed. He let the black staff at his side fall as he ascended the small set of stairs leading to the sarcophagus at the edge of the room. Owain ran toward him, as he did, Relvinian raised the crystal fragment into the air and thrust it into the base of steps.

Four pedestals rose to surround the sarcophagus, each wielding an artifact of great power. A demon skull, a prophetic treatise, a magician’s crystal ball, and a wilting rose.

As Owain reached the alter, power sparked between the four objects. He raised his sword to strike at Relvinian, and as his sword fell it was met with a powerful burst of energy. Owain tumbled backward as the sound of the crash echoed throughout the cavern. The blue flame jumped to Relvinian’s side as it split into four smaller flames. Each flame danced around Relvinian in wild fashion. Finally they glowing formed energy fields, barring any harm from befalling the undead mage.

“Soon, Lord Surrey, all those of the afterlife will answer to Relvinian and Ix Tab!”

The decrepit lich closed his eyes, entering a trance.

Event Time/Date: Friday, September 17th, 8:30 p.m. EST

Event Meeting Location: The EM Hall



by Kasaven

            This is just introductory fiction — More fiction and the event to follow coming this week.  Date/time TBD



          Owain shivered uncontrollably as a slight wind blew against his wet skin. The drip of water from his hair and flesh to the stone floor echoed throughout his otherwise silent, bleak surroundings. As he focused on the sound, vague memories flashed through his mind in a frantic effort to recall how his condition had come to pass.

            The words of power; he remembered uttering them above Relvinian’s grave, he remembered the earth contorting into a chasm beneath his feet, the yells of the Royal Guards as he was consumed by rock, the light fading from view as his scabbard scrapped against the tight, cavernous confines of his hellish freefall. He felt terror, falling, unable to see anything around him. In an instant the plummet had stopped as abruptly as it had started. Owain struck feet first into a pool of water, unprepared for the gush of liquid that entered his gasping lungs. He struggled to maintain consciousness as he swam toward the surface, kicking off his boots. Emerging, he spat the thick, bitter liquid from his mouth and breathed in gasped, ragged breaths as he pulled himself from the pool. The only visible object was a blue speck of flickering light in the far distance, which seemed to cast no illumination on his surroundings. The last moment he could recall, he was falling to his knees, losing the struggle for consciousness.

            He had fallen through Relvinian’s grave, or been claimed by it, rather, into an underground cavern. His eyes searched for the blue light he had seen before, yet only unforgiving darkness met his gaze. He took a deep breath as cold air pierced his lungs, exhaling, envisioning the white cloud it would produce. He cringed, spitting to expel the foul taste of the dank, putrid air from his mouth. As he drew his sword from his scabbard, he could hear the water dripping along its blade into a puddle at his feet. He scrapped it along his immediate surroundings. His body screamed as he turned. He ignored the pain as he searched the floor for anything that could indicate where he was. The only response was the clink of steel upon rock as his sword bounced on uneven ground. As he advanced, his sword located an obstacle to his side. He reached out to investigate as his hands met a large barrier. As he turned, he pressed his body against what he assumed to be a wall. His fingers moved with care along it, caressing level, even cracks across its rocky construct.

            As he trudged forward with one hand against the wall, guiding his way, the rancid odor became more pronounced, unbearable. He breathed in slow spurts in an attempt to quell the bile that gathered in his throat, begging for release. With each step the grotesque fumes grew in strength. Owain fell to his knees and vomited the water he had swallowed in his plummet onto the cavernous floor. He leaned against his sword, unable to gather the strength nor will to rise to his feet. The retching continued, emphasizing the empty contents of his stomach with each vomiting spasm.

           He heaved heavy breaths through his glove in an effort to calm his nerves, allay his stomach. As he began to put weight on his sword in an attempt to rise, he saw the blue flicker out of the corner of his eyes. For the first time in this dark expanse, he felt hope. It began to grow; it bounced across the surface of the floor in spastic motions, as if celebrating its resurgence. Owain took in its beauty, forgetting momentarily about the rank stench of decay that emanated from all sides. Between four spots it danced, and the spots began replicate its azure glow. The areas illuminated, began to take the shape of runes of an ancient language. As the light reflected against the dark walls of the chasm, Owain’s fascination turned to horror.

            Relvinian leaned against a pillar in the center of the cavern. Patches of rotten flesh hung from his face as if they had been ripped forcefully from his skull. Black, lifeless veins bulged from his neck as he twisted his face in a wicked grin. He raised the black staff he clutched with fleshless, gnarled fingers and pointed it at Owain.

            The black void of his mouth seethed virulence as he spoke between ragged breaths.

“Welcome, Lord Surrey, to my abyss.”



by Barnaby

Event Information:
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 15th, 7:30pm EST
Place: EM Meeting Hall in Britain (Trammel)

Howdy folks.

Do you want to represent Catskills in an inter-shard treasure hunt competition? Here is your chance.

In response to numerous requests, we are going to hold a preliminary contest to determine the top two teams of treasure hunters on Catskills. These teams will then go on to represent the shard in a fier…ahem…friendly competition with the current champions of Sonoma. For those not familiar with the previous competitions, feel free to consult the following threads:

Sonoma Preliminary

Cross-Shard Challenge

Here is a basic rundown of the event:

– Teams will consist of 2-5 members. Try and get as close to 5 as possible!
– One member of your team must be a GM Treasure Hunter with GM
Cartography and GM Lockpicking. Mining is not required but would be good
to have.
– On the day of the competition you will need to have a book ready with your
roster on the first page. Your Treasure Hunter should be listed first.
– We are limited to TEN teams for the event. Should we have more we will
work with each team and ask that any smaller ones join together.
– Team names and colors will be assigned at the event.

The event is a “race” competition where each team will strive to complete one of each of the six levels of treasure maps before the other teams.

So find your friends, call your comrades, and muster your mates so we can find the very best that our shard has to offer. I have little doubt that we can win the trophy from Sonoma.