by Barnaby

Sir Andrew of Britain

Sir Andrew

(“Sir Andrew”, “Andrew Agathe”, “The Kind Knight”)

A Knight long in the service of the realm, Sir Andrew gained prominence as a leading member of the Council of Nobles that formed following the death of Queen Dawn. A large man in his late 50’s, Andrew is characterized by his bushy beard, a thunderous laugh, and a kindness unheard of for someone of his size and profession.

The Path Forward

Following the death of Queen Dawn and the defeat of Virtuebane, Britannia had no monarch or Council to speak of (the previous Council having been massacred during the “Warriors of Destiny” period). Thankfully, this was a period of relative peace. Nearly a year after the Queen’s death, however, a strange summons went out to the nobles of the realm, calling them to the Castle for a meeting. Andrew, who had retired following the Battle of Magincia, was asked to attend by his friend and mentor, Sir Kerwin of Trinsic.

Andrew quickly established himself as a calming presence on a Council of nobles that often found themselves bickering. His influence was vital as the Council found itself contending with a mysterious criminal, Janus, and his army of hired swords. Following the disappearance of Commander Kanlocke, and the apparent death of Lieutenant Jeffrey, Andrew assumed command of the Royal Britannian Guard. After scouts had discovered the mercenaries base of operations, Andrew prepared an invasion plan. On the eve of the attack he was “asked” by Brother Lian Vinre (who was chosen as leader of the Council) to stay in Britain and prepare for a possible attack there. Curiously, Vinre tasked himself with leading the attack.

Following the revelation of Brother Vinre’s true identity and the death of his friend, Kerwin, Andrew grew increasingly despondent. As the Council fell apart, he turned his attention almost entirely to the protection of Britain.

For more information regarding this period, please consult “The Path Forward” summary on the Catskills EM Site.

Siege of Ver Lor Reg

With the Council of Nobles having disbanded there was once again a lack of central leadership in Britannia. Conflict grew between towns, including those of Trinsic and Britain (due to a plague unleashed in Trinsic that threatened to spread via waterways to Britain). Rioters were present in every marketplace, and the being Exodus had returned and claimed the Gargoyle city of Ver Lor Reg in Ilshenar. Hopes were high, though, as the legendary knight, Dupre, had come to the Kingdom during this perilous time.

While there was nobody in the kingdom who could match the military vision of Dupre, he had spent many years in the Old Lands of Felucca and needed help in recruiting a large army. Andrew proved invaluable in this regard as he guided Dupre’s recruitment and spearheaded the effort to establish a proper camp in the desert outside Ver Lor Reg. During the battle he defended the camp with a small contingent of paladin’s from Luna.

Return of Lord Blackthorn

Following his successful curing of a Gargoyle plague, the unknown healer who was stationed in Ter Mur revealed himself to be Lord Blackthorn. Long thought dead, Blackthorn claimed that he was only imprisoned by Exodus while a crude mechanical copy of himself attacked Britannia (ultimately being defeated by Dawn). Reaction to Blackthorn’s return was mixed. He called a meeting of those who remained from the Council of Nobles. Among the nobles, Andrew was the most supportive of Blackthorn’s desire to unite the people of the Kingdom. He also appreciated the controversial Lord’s desire to act as a Healer first, and a ruler second (Andrew is a strong proponent of Humility). He was not entirely without reservation regarding a potential “King Blackthorn”, but he was hopeful that the Kingdom would have a proper King once again.

Andrew stood with Dupre at Blackthorn’s side during the Coronation. He has since maintained a presence in Castle Blackthorn and has counseled the King on various matters.

During the first meeting of the new Council, Sir Andrew was introduced as the King’s Viceroy – the authorized representative of the Crown if the King is unavailable.

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