Date: Wednesday April 25th 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Meet with Jack at his office in Buc’s Den for a chat, There will be a gate at the EM Hall ahead of the event.

There will be mostly talking on Wednesday ahead of another event, which will be fighting, on Saturday 28th.

Date: Friday 30th March 2012
Time: 8pm EST

Meet with Jack Passer at his office (Gate at EM Hal at 7:45pm) to find a Crimson Dragon.

Date: Saturday 24th March 2012
Time: 8pm EST

Meet Jack at his office in Buc’s Den (Will be gate at EM Hall before event) for a check on Trinsic, and Lakeshire.



by EMAdris

Jack stepped off the boat quickly and paid the Vesperian as agreed. It had been a long trip. Jack stepped into his office to a desk full of letters, he sighed as he sat down, Licking his lips he flipped over the first letter, his eyes scanning the paper quickly… too quickly, he looked up and stared at the walls of his quiet office.

Many minutes later Jack looked back down at his desk before quickly jumping up, walking towards his bedroom. He opened the door as a startled noise came from the corner.

Jack: “How are you old friend?”

Stranger: “Well you know, Busy busy, I could have done without this short notice assignment!” the mysterious being said, slightly apprehensive. “You have heard the news?”

Jack: “I have yes… But please, I have greater things to worry about. Trinsic, How is it?”

Stranger: “Trinsic is still there you need not worry, the curse is contained as you left it.”

Jack: “And the Mayor?”

Stranger: “He is being dealt with as we speak”

Jack: “Good, good…”

Jack took a step towards his bed and sat down, keeping his stare out of the bedroom window.

Stranger: “I have to say though sir, this ‘plan’, it’s… It’s not working. He isn’t telling us anything.”

Jack: “To be expected… I suggest you try the plan we talked about before I left.”

The unknown person let out a short gasp before coughing and straightening themselves back up in the chair.

Stranger: “Yes sir, I will get the men onto that right away… Sir… I must ask… Our deal?”

Jack moved his gaze from the window to his bedside cabinet where an elderly Meer sat, holding a quill furiously writing on a large canvas.

Jack: “Don’t worry… Your services are noted, Lakeshire will be protected.”

After the award ceremony last night for the first four players to reach Rank 1 in the Investigators System it was suggested examplar reports were put online to help give you an idea what we’re looking for in your reports.

You can now find these here:

These randomly selected reports were all awarded max points.


Also in other news, the EM Forum for Catskills on Stratics can now be found at:

Date: Saturday 3rd March 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Everyone is invited to the Promotional Ceremony of:

Lord Bytor
Baudwin Wulf

You will find a gate outside the EM Hall in Britain, Trammel to the special location. Pop by and see the above individuals promoted with a very elegant reward!

If anyone above cannot make it, Shoot us an email (click here) and we’ll arrange a time to give you the sash personally.

Any questions can also be asked after the awards.

The Investigator Points page has been updated, You can view it by clicking here.

The following people are due their first sash:

Lord Bytor
Baudwin Wulf

If you are in the above list, please contact us, and say which day(s) next week at 8pm EST you CANNOT attend. This will allow us to schedule a promotional ceremony where you can actually be there. *grin*

Thank you to everyone who took part in the previous Thorpe mission, The latest points are now available to view, click here.

The next Thorpe mission is now available, you can start it at Thorpe by speaking ‘mission’, his first step is for you to give the Trinsic Alchemist a sample of ooze. You can do so by clicking the ‘Tub of ooze’ at the Ooze site in Trinsic and dropping it on the specific Alchemist in the Mage Shop. For more details on the Investigators system click here.



The next event is:

Date: Wednesday 22nd February 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Meet Jack Passer at his office for a short planning meeting. Will be a gate at the EM Hall.

(This event will just be talking.)

Thorpe has a new mission to look for the Mayor of Trinsic who went missing and is suspected to be involved in the Trinsic curse. You can start the mission by speaking ‘mission’ to Thorpe (you can find the details by clicking here). Write down everything that you find out in a book and post it in the mail box next to the EM Hall in Britain. This mission will be available until Sunday 19th February 8pm EST.

Also, Jack Passer will meet again on Sunday 19th February 2012 at 8pm Eastern. There will be a gate at the EM Hall to his office in Buc’s Den shortly before the event.

(Come prepared to fight!)

Date: Wednesday 15th February 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Meet Jack at his office in Bucs Den (Gate at EM Hall shortly before event) to start the plan drawn up on Sunday night. Prepare for fighting. Also take a look at the map below.