by EMAdris


Okay so that’s a pretty rubbish title, I was thinking Bon Voyage but that doesn’t specify a one way trip, Which is what this is. If you couldn’t make it on Sunday, I’m leaving Catskills.. I really haven’t been giving it my full time lately because, being from Europe, It’s late! When I was offered the spot I snapped their hands off.. Then life got in the way slowly this year, work made it hard to stay up late. So I’m leaving to let someone else who can give you their full time take my place..

I want to thank you all for a fabulous welcome last June, I couldn’t have asked for a better shard to kill entertain. Please be nice for Barnaby.. Or he will kill you, repeatability, and welcome the new EM with the same open arms you welcomed me.

I’m not leaving the EM program so if you play other shards, you’ll see me around.. I leave you with one parting gift, My most memorable moment from my time here.


The 16th of July, Why did I hold a deadly event on such a small island? Well I want to call it a learning experience! Did I do it again? No! 😀 Why you all died at once? I want you to know, once the initial confusion passed in my head, I was laughing very very hard.

You’ve really been amazing, Thank you all! Please keep Barnaby and the new EM busy with your attendance and requests!

Date: Sunday June 3rd 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Join EM Barnaby & EM Adris for an announcement at the EM Hall in Britain.

Date: Saturday June 2nd 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Join Jack Passer at his office in Buc’s Den where his plans to follow late Mayor Alric’s wishes to save Trinsic are put into effect.

There will be a moongate to the office from the EM Hall shortly before 8.

Date: Sunday May 27th 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Join us for a bash of the new dungeon Covetous as we have a little fun on your Sunday night.

Meet at the EM Hall in Britain.

Date: Saturday May 19th 2012
Time: 9pm Eastern

Queen Zhah requests your attendance in Ter Mur, She will be at the Royal City moongate at 9pm Eastern.

Please note the later event time.

Date: Saturday May 12th 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Meet Jack at his office in Buc’s Den to head out to Rock Dungeon to meet the evil mage. Fighting will be involved, being evil and all that. There will be a gate to Jacks office from the EM Hall in Britain as per usual.

Date: Thursday May 3rd 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Jack is organazing a trip to Vel Lor Reg after hearing about heirlooms being found in the desert! Bring a weapon just incase, and some money for a sifter, Jack is too cheap to buy you all one.

Last night Jack was handed a piece of paper from the Meer stating a being could be found in a Laboratory deep below the surface at a location south of Chaos in Ilshenar. Maps have been drawn up by the Royal Cartographers at the likely location of the lair. The maps are ingame at Thorpes Desk in Serpents Hold as well as below:

Your mission:

    Find the entrance to the lair
    Note down what guards the lair
    Find the Laboratory
    Finally note any other findings

Post your report in the mail box by the EM Hall in Britain (At the small Wedding House).

Deadline: Wednesday May 2nd at 8pm Eastern.



Date: Saturday April 28th 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

Meeting with Jack Passer at his office in Bucs Den (Will be gate at EM Hall). Jack has managed to arrange a meeting with a Meer Eternal to go forward with the plan to cure Trinsic with the Meers magic. Fighting is likely due to the ongoing conflict between the Meer and Juka in Ilshenar.

Date: April 26th 2012
Time: 8pm Eastern

After the unfortunate death of Mayor Alric, Jack is requesting help the jail cell in Yew (Gate at Britain) where he has found a sucide note on the Mayor’s corpse. It has some rather unsettling reading…

Bring a weapon, Just in case!