Closing down The Ironworks armory for the evening, Abe reached for a nearby cloak to protect himself from the sudden rains that started falling earlier in the evening.  His shoulders slumped and he sighed when he doused the lone candle lighting the room before heading out the door.  The door closed with a thud and Abe placed a key in the lock, securing the building for any would-be thieves.  Vesper was usually a peaceful town, but he was taken additional precautions of late since the disappearance of his brother Jon who owned The Ironworks armory.  Leaning on a gnarled staff as a makeshift walking stick, Abe heading North to his home outside of Vesper.

Along the way he mulled over jumbled thoughts that have been plaguing him since last Saturday.  He recalled how his brother Jon hired able bodied adventurers to protect him on his trip from the Minoc Mines to the blacksmith shop.   Halfway through the journey from Minoc to Vesper however, he and those with him, were ambushed by brigands and mercenaries that seemed intent on separating his head from his neck.  One of his pack horses was killed during the attack, and the remaining two pack horses fled into the wilderness along with the iron ingots they had been carrying.  The battle with the brigands and mercenaries was well-fought but eventually the hirelings Jon employed proved to be victorious.  They quickly shuffled Abe back to Vesper after the skirmish without further delay.  Upon arrival at The Ironworks, Abe asked several hirelings to fetch Jon from inside the shop and tell him what happened.  Much to his dismay, Abe was told Jon was missing, and the only clues as to Jon’s whereabouts lay with a bloody dagger and a pool of blood.  His heart sank at the thought of harm coming to his brother.  Several of the valiant adventurers soon noticed a trail of blood leading outside the shop and many followed the blood trail which lead to the Healers in Vesper.  Within hours, several concerned people told him they had investigated his brother’s disappearance and  tracked the kidnapping brigands all the way from Vesper to Britain and from Britain to the old brigand fort just north of the Britain Crossroads where Jon was currently being held prisoner.  He was thankful for their help, as his aged bones and withered frame could never have traveled so far so quickly.

Coming out of his reverie, Abe pushed open the door to his home, took off his protective cloak, and poured himself a drink.  With the knowledge that his brother was held at the old brigand fort, at the hands of the Antony Minot, he decided he would once again ask the same band of adventurers to lend aid rescuing his brother Jon.  That pompous young brat, Antony Minot, must not be allowed to get away with this!  He fumed, knowing full well that Antony Minot’s skill as an apprentice blacksmith was no match for Jon vast years of experience, and as a result, resorted to tactics such as kidnapping and attempted murder instead of competing directly based on products and trade.  He brought his fingertips against his aging gray wiry beard, tugging at it gently, and started penning another note to nail outside The Ironworks tomorrow morning when he returned for another day’s work.

“Help needed in rescuing my brother Jon Dering from the old brigand fort where he remains a prisoner of that young scoundrel Antony Minot.  Anyone willing to volunteer their services should report here on Tuesday, July 20th at 8PM EST.  I ask that you sheath all weapons until I have a fair chance to parlay with Antony directly.  It is my hope that young man listens to reason and returns my brother safely without resorting to violence.  I plead for your help as I worry that Antony might try something hasty should I arrive alone without vigorous allies at my side. – Abe Dering of The Ironworks”

Event Date: Tuesday, July 20th
Event Time: 8PM EST
Location: The Ironworks Armory in Vesper (Trammel)
(gates will be provided from New Haven and Luna to The Ironworks in Vesper)



by EM Nathael

Hirelings needed for Ore Shipment

(The following  note was seen posted outside The Ironworks armory in the town of Vesper)

“The Ironworks armory of Vesper is seeking worthy adventurers who are willing to serve as hirelings for an upcoming delivery of iron ore.  My brother, Abe Dering, is currently gathering the necessary iron ore in the Minoc Mines for a new, valuable, customer of ours.  Unfortunately, the crew of hirelings I typically contract with to provide protective services on the return trip home from Minoc to Vesper have decided not to renew their contract – for unknown reasons.  I realize it may be difficult finding a worthy crew of hirelings on short notice but,  all interested parties should meet my brother Abe near the entrance to the Minoc Mines located just East of Minoc, over the bridge.  Due to difficult economic times, I am unable to pay you in gold for your services, but perhaps we might reach another agreement.

Jon Dering
Owner of The Ironworks, Vesper”

Event Date: 7/10/10
Event Time:
Minoc Mines (96o 51’N , 87o 53’E)

A few notes…

In Commander Kanlocke’s office (located inside Castle British), players will find 4 new books detailing the following information:

1. A list of the current RBG regiments and highest ranking officer (Note – I am asking that the highest ranking officer of each RBG regiment should provide their player name/rank using the feedback form on this website ( so I have it for reference)

2. Information for players interested in establishing their own RBG regiment and the (in-character) process of doing so.

3. A report book for the RBG regiments to leave important messages for Commander Kanlocke.

4. A book containing orders or information for the RBG regiments, written by Commander Kanlocke.

– EM Nathael

A Meeting with the RBG (Royal Britannian Guard) Regiments

Commander Kanlocke waited impatiently for Sergeant Zeke Goldmoon to arrive.   It was strange for the young Sergeant to be late for a meeting as he was typically prompt.  She tapped her fingers against the desk repeatedly thinking to herself that he had better have a good reason for his tardiness.  When her patience had nearly ran out and she was about ready to leave her office for the general barracks to inquire as to his whereabouts, the door to her office opened and the Sergeant entered.

He hurriedly stepped to the front of her desk and offered a salute.  She looked at him and saw an expression of angst on his face.  She made him hold his salute a moment longer before returning it.  Relaxing slightly and returning his arm to his side, Sergeant Zeke Goldmoon apologized profusely for being late.

“My apologies Commander.  I did not wish to keep you waiting.  Unfortunately, I was detained longer than expected in Cove and the return trip was met –“

She interrupted him.  “Spare me the excuses, Sergeant Goldmoon.  If you cannot manage to keep your schedule when given such a simple task, perhaps I should see fit to replace you with someone else who can?  I need disciplined solders serving underneath me.  You have gotten off to a rocky start with your new duties, I expect this to change – immediately.  Understood?”

“Yes, Commander.  Understood”, he responded to the obvious reprimand with a gulp.

She weighed carefully how harsh to be with the young Sergeant, seeing strong potential in him as an officer, and hoping to draw it out in a constructive way without coddling him along.  New officers needed to be shaped, molded, and developed, and she would find a way to do just that.

Commander Kanlocke continued, “Sergeant, the reason I asked you to come here today is because I need you to contact the various RBG regiments stationed at New Haven, Umbra, Wind, and the Abyss Outpost.  It is imperative that I speak with them.  Go there and inform the local Captains, and others within their local regiment, that I require their presence here in my office on Tuesday the 29th at 9:00PM EST.  Once they arrive, I will be demanding to see, in person, the specific areas these regiments patrol and defend.  I will also be inquiring as to any specific threats currently facing each regiment and how the Royal Guard can continue to provide adequate support for these regiments.  See to it, Sergeant.”

“Consider it done, Commander.”, replied Sergeant Zeke Goldmoon, “And what of the task given earlier in Cove, shall I finalize my report for your review by tomorrow morning?”

“I want your official report on my desk by sundown, Sergeant.  Mind you, I said sundown.  Not a moment later or you and I will have something more to discuss…”  The Commander flashed him a look that displayed her serious demeanor when she spoke those words.  “That is all for now, Sergeant.  Dismissed”.

Raising his right hand to his heart, the young Sergeant saluted the new Commander, turned around, and walked from Commander Kanlocke’s office towards the general barracks where he would begin writing his official report about his earlier assignment in Cove.

Event Name: Meeting with the RBG Regiments
Event Day: Tuesday June 29th
Event time: 9:00PM EST
Event Location: Commander Olivia Kanlocke’s office in Castle British

A Helpful Guide and FAQ for the Royal Britannian Guard Regiments.

Q: Can you provide an example of the duties of proposed Royal Britannian Guards regiments?

A: Assuming there was, for example, a local Royal Britannian Guard regiment located in Britain, the RBG regiment stationed there would be responsible for defending the town of Britain and protecting its citizens against threats leveled against the town.  For example, helping to repel an invasion from sinister and malevolent forces, or helping to gather specific information upon request from the Commander of the Royal Guard as it relates to a potential larger, overall threat, to the Crown and to Britannia.  Local RBG regiments will likely also assist the town guards (currently NPCs) in maintaining order and enforcing town laws and edicts, helping the town guard solve crimes, etc.

Q: Will the local Royal Britannian Guard regiments ever perform duties outside of their designated areas?

A: At times, the various RBG regiments may receive orders from the Commander of the Royal Guard to defend areas outside of their normal jurisdiction.  Furthermore, the Captain of the local RBG regiment may take it upon themselves to rally the troops in defense of other towns or city-states.   For example, assuming there was a regiment of Royal Britannian Guard located in Britain, the local Captain of the RBG may order his troops to aid in the defense of New Haven, or perhaps a player-run town when the need is great.

Q: If players create local Royal Britannian Guard regiments, is there a possibility that EMs may create role-playing events and storylines around the guards?

A: Possibly, but there are no guarantees.  We encourage players to take a proactive approach towards enhancing the role-playing and community experience for all players of Catskills.  Creating local Royal Britannian Guard regiments can help achieve this goal.

Q: If players create local Royal Britannian Guard regiments, does this mean players will automatically receive special attention, items, or rewards?

A: No.  Any possible EM involvement with storylines for the local Royal Britannian Guard regiments will be in direct accordance with their activity level and promoting open involvement within the community.  There MAY be opportunities in the future to mimic what some other shards have done as it relates to recognizing the guards (other shard have provided sashes, for example), but the focus for the RBG should be community involvement and improving the role-playing experience for ALL Catskills players – NOT focusing on trying to get rewards/items.

Q: Are Event Moderator RPCs (Role Playing Characters) allowed to join a player’s RBG guild?

A: No, EM’s cannot join a player’s guild.

Q: Can players join an Event Moderator’s guild?

A: No, players cannot join an EM’s guild.

Q: Can you please explain in detail how the structure of the Royal Britannian Guard is organized?

A:  Yes, a guide was put together to show  how the Royal Britannian Guard and various player-run Royal Britannian Guard regiments are structured.  This information was put together as a best-effort means to clarify the role of the RBG regiments currently formed by Catskills players. If you have comments or concerns, please forward them on to
(click the hyperlink above to open the document in a new window)

RBG and RBG Regiment Structure

While this Guide only lists the (4) current RBG regiments formed by players on Catskills, additional RBG regiments may be created by players in the future as they see fit.  Players are strongly encouraged to speak with one of the current RBG regiments to find out more information regarding joining the guard, training, or creating additional RBG regiments.

— EM Nathael

Captain Olivia Kanlocke had always been an early riser in the morning and eager to face the days challenges ahead. She sat at the edge of her bed, pulling on her boots, and donning the rest of her Royal Guard uniform. Her specific duties this week proved to be exhausting, yet rewarding.  She visited each of the major cities in Britannia and spoke directly with the town guard stationed there. It was important for the Royal Guards serving under Queen Dawn to be in regular communication with the town guard garrisons. Her inquiries and meetings with the town guards served as a way to piece together intelligence related to threats that could potentially affect the safety of the entire Kingdom of Britannia. This task was something she had been doing almost bi-monthly for years now in her position as Captain.

This week however, she also spent time gathering information about the various Royal Britannian Guard contingents that were  recently formed in some of the various cities.  The Royal Guard had recently deemed it wise to leave a small, permanent regiment of Royal Britannian Guards, in places such as New Haven, Umbra, Wind, and even the Abyss Outpost.  The Crown felt, by having a permanent contingent of Royal Britannian Guards stationed in these various cities, any potential threat facing those specific locations would be better handled with the accompanying aid of the local Royal Guards contingent, than by just merely the town guards alone. There was several heated discussions between high ranking officers in the Royal Guard as to whether or not the town guards, and Royal Britannian Guards, could co-exist without too much bickering between the two groups. Thus far, preliminary assessments have shown that no issues have arisen but the situation will be continuously monitored.

Having donned her uniform, Captain Olivia Kanlocke was now ready to speak with the Royal Guards underneath her direct chain of command, as she did every single morning.  She prepared, in detail, the written orders for her subordinates last night before drifting off to sleep, as was her usual routine.  She grimaced momentarily, anticipating yet more grumbling from Sergeant Zeke Goldmoon when he finds out what duty she is tasking him, and his patrol, with today.  While the young Sergeant has proven himself to be a valiant man on the battlefield, he has yet to prove his worth in his newly appointed position of Sergeant – often lacking the patience needed to lead.  She reminds herself to set aside time to speak with the young Sergeant privately, and offer him some helpful advice learned from her many years while serving in the Royal Guards. An officer, especially one as young as the Sergeant, can greatly benefit from the experience and wisdom shared by ranking superiors.

She snatched up the orders from the writing desk, grabbed her weapon, and was headed outside when the door opened up and a young man appeared.  She recognized him immediately as Janus, one of the court couriers that serve Queen Dawn.  “Greetings Captain Kanlocke”, Janus spoke. “ Sorry for intrusion this morning, but I was dispatched with utmost haste to find you before you left to speak with your troops.  I have a sealed letter here from Queen Dawn that I was instructed to deliver to you.”

Olivia’s facial expression changed to one of surprise and intrigue as she took the letter from Janus and walked to her writing desk.  She paused before opening the letter, looking at it curiously and trying to imagine what message the Queen might have for her.  Unable to draw any conclusion of her own, she broke the wax seal, and began reading.

“Captain Olivia Kanlocke,

The Kingdom of Britannia is well-pleased to announce that your official promotion to the rank of Commander of the Royal Guards has been finalized and approved by her Majesty, Queen Dawn.  An honorary commencement ceremony will take place on Sunday, June 20th at 7:30PM EST in the throne room of Castle British where the promotion will be rendered official. Queen Dawn looks forward to working with you in your newly appointed role and sends her gratitude for your many years of service with the Royal Britannian Guard.

Jair Pratt, Royal Scribe of Queen Dawn”

After finishing the letter, she immediately re-read it once, and then once more for good measure.  Could this really be happening?  Several other ranking officers in the Royal Guard were under consideration for the promotion as well.  Why was –

“Captain Kanlocke?”, Janus interrupted her brief reverie. “Will there be anything more?”  Olivia closed the letter and placed it in the drawer of her writing desk.  “No Janus, nothing more.  You may carry out the rest of your day’s business.”, she addressed him and sent him on his way.

She sat in her chair, lost in thought, thinking about her upcoming promotion and how it would likely change her entire life.  As the reality of the situation set upon her mind, she hesitated and had a brief moment of self doubt as to whether she was adequately prepared for such tremendous responsibilities.  She quickly realized that all of her training and many years of experience in the Royal Guards would serve her well in the coming days and weeks ahead.  A smile pursed her lips.  Not a smile born of pride or accomplishment, but a smile for the opportunity to serve Queen Dawn and the Kingdom of Britannia, realizing that she would eagerly accept the challenge.

Captain Olivia Kanlocke got up from her chair and walked outside.  She breathed in the damp morning air and looked up at the cloudless sky momentarily before heading off to meet with Sergeant Zeke Goldmoon and the rest of the troops under her command…

Event: Royal Guard Promotion
Date: Sunday, June 20th
Time: 7:30PM EST
Where: Castle British (Trammel Facet)



by EM Nathael

Campfire Tales and Stories

Date: Friday, June 11th
Time: 9:00PM EST
Where: EM Rewards Hall in Malas

Please join us at the EM Rewards Hall in Malas as we gather to share tales and stories of adventure while enjoying the warmth of a roaring campfire under the moonlit starry night.  Players who wish to share a short story or tale of their own are encouraged to sign up ahead of time by sending an email to  Please try to keep your storytelling to  a duration of no more than ten minutes so there is ample time for all players to participate.  So join us, storytellers and spectators both, for some good old fashioned storytelling, delicious food, refreshing drinks, and community spirit.

(Players can find the EM Rewards Hall in Malas by going through the black vortex located outside the EM Meeting Hall in Britain, Trammel)

NOTE – EM Nathael will be telling an interactive story at this event as well.