Once again the monthly Storytelling Contest returns to the Catskills Reward Hall!
This time the theme is “Imaginative Tales”. There is no specific topic, but come to the campfire and tell a tale which is wildly imaginative! Event begins at 8:00 PM Eastern Time at the campfire next to the Catskills Reward Hall. You can get there through the black vortex next to the West Britain Counselor Hall.

Stories must be your own work.
One story per person.
Five minute time limit per tale.
Stories and language is PG-13.

See you there!

UO Herald

The cataclysm following the defeat of the Shadowlords brought about great destruction, but also brought about a new beginning. A link now exists between the world of the gargoyles and the world of humans and elves. Reverberations of this new link have brought hope to both lands.

Please join Lady Dawn at Castle British or Queen Zhah in her royal throne room at precisely 8pm EST on Wednesday Sept 23rd and help escort the two representatives of their nations to their first meeting. With your help, we can strengthen the bond between the two worlds!



by EMCernunnos

On Thursday the 10th, many clever people arrived to assist Lady Lucretia Genovese with her scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was a list of twenty items disguised using anagrams, taken from a notebook left behind by the missing crystal expert Bertram Shull. The items themselves were to be combined into a giant machine designed to detect energy-emitting crystals throughout the realm; however the actual plans to build the machine were missing. After gathering all the items, the group selected a location and began trying to assemble the machine as best they could, but soon found the task difficult. Lucretia then promised that skilled tinkers could be hired to assemble the device, however it might take a little time… but now that time is over!

Join Lady Lucretia as she attempts to activate the crystal mapping machine on Friday September 18th at 8:00PM EST. The machine is located in the courtyard behind Lord British’s Castle, Trammel facet. If the machine functions as it should, you should be prepared to hunt down some mysterious crystals during the event and may have to face the mutated plant and animal spawn they produce!

– Cernunnos



by EMCernunnos

Take a break from diving into all the new Stygian Abyss content and join Lady Lucretia Genovese for a Scavenger Hunt with a twist. This event will be held at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall (or a place of Lucretia’s choice, with a gate provided from the hall) at 8PM EST on Thursday the 10th of September.

Lady Lucretia had been deeply involved in her research lately, so it’s been tough to get her to reveal what types of things she’s looking for this time. This might be an event just for fun, or it may tie in to the mysterious crystal events that she’s been involved with in the past… you’ll have to attend to find out!

See you there!
EM Cernunnos



by EMCernunnos

A tale told by Bram, Yew Monk:
This very morn, I caught a glimpse of a great and noble platinum dragon spiraling down from the cloudless sky, swooping low over the city of Yew. Without a sound, it alighted atop the palisade of Empath Abbey, its claws cutting tiny holes into the stone with the most minimal force. Feeling lucky to catch sight of it, I hid myself behind the winery, both in fear of the creature and awe that I might see one. The beast raised his head to the east, focusing on a location beyond the sight of men. There was a quiet rumbling in its throat; the only outward sign of emotion in the otherwise stoic creature. What place it spied and what it felt, I knew not. Without warning, the beast abruptly turned his head, shifting his weight below him as he reached a clenched claw into the air over the Abbey door. It paused just a moment before dropping a book to the doorstep of the abbey below. I made a step forward to retrieve it, but then was taken aback as a flaming red longsword dropped from the dragon’s claw following the book. The sword pierced the ground and stood straight before me. I looked up again at the dragon, which to my shock, had its gaze turned upon me, and seemed to be quietly judging me. Then, as soundlessly as it arrived, the dragon broke its gaze, turned heavenward, and effortlessly ascended beyond my vision. Retrieving the book, I found these words written inside:

Long has Britannia been veiled in the shadows. The light of all that was good in these lands is hidden away behind the oppressive darkness, with evil’s hope that it will wither and die.
Yet the light continues to shine!
Soon the veil of shadow shall be pierced by the dawn of a new day!
Now is the time for those beloved of the light to rally along side the platinum flight!
Join my platinum brethren in our assault upon the very source of the Shadowlords’ stronghold in these lands. They are at the eve of their presumed triumph; yet the force we assemble shall shatter their grip upon this land with a strength they cannot imagine!
Come, be that strength!

I reached my hand to take the sword, but upon touching it heard these words in my own head:

The time of heroes is at hand! Join us at Empath Abbey in Felucca at 9pm EST on Friday 9/4/09!

The importance of this message I felt was clear; and it was my duty and the duty of all others who received this message to spread the word. Now is the time when we shall change our future!


Event begins at Felucca Empath Abbey in Yew at 9pm EST TODAY – Friday 9/4/09.

Those who have allied themselves with the forces of good are asked to assemble at the Empath Abbey.

Those who are allied with evil may wish to check their own strongholds for similar messages and instructions from the crimson dragons. Those who are not in factions but wish to aid the shadowlords and their allies are asked to gather in the field outside Destard Felucca.



by EMCernunnos

Monthly Storytelling Contest Returns!
Wednesday 8/26/09 at 8:00 pm Eastern, at the Catskills Reward Hall.
The theme for this event is “Rogues”! Tell a tale of thieving adventures, capturing a thief, or anything else about the shadowy world of rogues. Stories will be judged on quality, presentation, and how well they fit the theme of “rogues”. All stories must be the original work of their tellers.
Come join us around the campfire and be entertained!

Mongbat Wrestling!
Honest Ed the Mongbat Trainer has posted notices around town inviting everyone to bring your tame and bonded mongbats to the West Brit Counselor Hall on Friday 8/28/09 at 9:00pm Eastern to join in the competition. More details will be announced at the event, but it is possible that your mongbats may need to go to Felucca to participate, so please insure yourselves accordingly!



by EMCernunnos

Based on two couples’ comments, it seems that the wedding request form does not work properly. At the moment I can’t fix the error, so in the meantime please email any upcoming or unanswered wedding requests directly to emcernunnos@live.com and emkasaven@gmail.com. Thanks!

Second, I am terribly sorry for my tardiness for Monday morning’s cloak hand-out. It was an accident and I will try to make it up to you. I really appreciated the number of players who came out that morning and the amazing organization displayed in forming the line and moving through the hand-out smoothly! I look forward to seeing many of you for the Friday hand-out event.



by EMCernunnos

Come to the Reward Hall to get your own cloak!  Find the Reward Hall by jumping through the black vortex next to the West Counselor Guild Hall in Britain Trammel.

Thursday August 13th at 8pm EST

Monday August 17th at 9am EST

Friday August 21st at Noon EST

If you can’t make it to these events, there may be other opportunities to get them in the future!

Edit: Catskills and your EM’s are all on Eastern time.



by EMCernunnos

Join us for Summerfest at the new Catskills Fairground!   It’s a two-week festival of games and parties to celebrate summer, and you are invited!   The fairgrounds is nestled in the farmlands North of Britain, but you can easily find your way there by going through a golden moongate located at the West Counselor Hall in Britain.

Keep an eye out for more events to be added and updated at the week progresses!

Tuesday 7/21

Come out to watch Hawkeye Pike’s Boat Race Challenge!  Spectators or competators are advised to meet at the Counselor’s Hall in Britain at 7:00 pm Eastern Time. Although this isn’t an official Summerfest Event, rather than cross-book events we’re encouraging all the attend what promises to be an exciting race!  More information about Hawkeye’s Event can be found here: http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=148574.

Wednesday 7/22

Have you seen strange mongbats causing trouble about the towns?   Did a flashy showman invite you to taste mongbat crackers or  dance with mongbats?  Come see what it’s all about when we invite Honest Ed’s Mongbat Extravaganza to the Catskills Fairground.   This is an all-ages mongbat circus and side-show which promises entertainment and audience participation!  The event begins at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on the Main Stage of the Fairground.

Thursday 7/23

Ready the quill, as a Poetry Contest will take place at 7:00 pm Eastern on The Fairgrounds Stage.  Immediately following the Poetry Contest, Kasaven will host a Comedy Contest, also on the main stage.   Come to listen and laugh, or do your own stand up, but most certainly come ready for a memorable night.

Saturday 7/25

Warriors, mages, those who practice the dark arts, come prepared for a glorious battle.  At 8:00 pm Eastern, we will engage in a Team Battle to the Death at the Catskills Battleground.  Come on a character that can leave his or her guild/faction to be guilded onto one of the teams.  Also make sure all your items are insured before entering.  NO pets, NO summons, NO mounts, NO leaving the battlefield.  This will be a tournament format of teams depending on how many come to participate.

Sunday 7/26

Tamers and pet-lovers, bring your favorite pet to show off in the Animal Show at 6:30pm Eastern!  Show off your pet, compare skills and training techniques with fellow tamers, and buy or sell to others.  This isn’t a competitive event, just a gathering for those who love animals.  Meet by the main stage.

Racers, to your places!   A Horse Race will be held at 8:00 pm Eastern Time at the Fairgrounds Racetrack.  The event will be a tiered tournament-style race.  Please only horses and horse-shaped mounts for this event (nightmares, warhorses and faction horses are permitted).  Ethereals and Chargers of the Fallen are not permitted.  Natural horses are available for sale from the fairground animal trainer.   Please be on time if you wish to participate!

Closing Ceremonies to follow horse race.

See you there Catskills!



by EMCernunnos

Join us for Summerfest at the new Catskills Fairground!   It’s a two-week festival of games and parties to celebrate summer, and you are invited!   The fairgrounds is nestled in the farmlands North of Britain, but you can easily find your way there by going through a golden moongate located at the West Counselor Hall in Britain.

Sunday 7/12

Opening ceremony begins at 8:30 pm Eastern Time at the main stage, located at the Southwest corner of the fairgrounds.  There will be a Footrace Across Britannia to commemorate the opening and kick -off the events.

After the race, a Speech by Robert of the Royal Guard will mark the occasion, and he is expected to make an announcement about the restructuring of the Royal Guard.  Don’t miss it!

Monday 7/13 – Hunter’s Night!

The events begin with an Archery Contest at 7:30 pm Eastern Time at the northwest corner of the new fairgrounds.  The event will be a single elimination tournament.   No archery-enhancing jewelry or clothing is permitted to be worn during the contest.

Where has the golden stag escaped to?  One of the fairground petting zoo’s prize specimens, a rare golden stag, has escaped!    Join Cernunnos in a hunt across the land to recapture the elusive creature and convince it to return to the zoo.   The hunt will follow the archery contest.

Wednesday 7/15 – Day Event!

Join us at the Trackside Cafe located at the southeast corner of the fairgrounds for fresh bakery and snacks, and take part in a Checker’s Contest at 12:00 Noon Eastern. The contest is single elimination tournament.   No checkers-enhancing clothing or jewelry is permitted!

Wednesday 7/15 – Sailors Night!

The fairground becomes a raucous party as the sailors come into town.  The evening’s events begin with a Ship Race at 8:00 pm Eastern Time.  Participants and spectators are encouraged to gather at the main stage for transport to the race location.   Bring your own ship and join in the race.

Following the race, One-Eyed Jack’s Tavern Tent will be serving half-price drinks all evening at the center of the fairgrounds.  Be sure to get yourself a few to steady your hands for the Darts Tournament at 9:00 pm (or after the ship race if goes beyond 9pm).  The tournament will be single elimination, and is held at the darts booth in the Northwest corner of the fairgrounds.

Thursday 7/16 – Scholar’s Night!

The fairgrounds welcomes the intellectuals and scholars to test themselves in a Chess Tournament at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.   Kasaven welcomes all to join in the contest, which will take place in the chess tent, located just north of the main stage.

See you there Catskills!