Hi, folks. This will be my final EM Website post. I said my goodbyes tonight after EM Adris’ Meet and Greet and gave my final two announcements.

First, briefly, that Sunday’s event won’t be able to happen due to a few circumstances which I can’t help.

Second, I’ve talked to Mesanna about doing Mesanna Roulette on Catskills, and she has agreed. I’m pretty sure I’ll be long-gone when it occurs, but consider it a parting gift, and be sure to thank Mesanna for putting in the time and effort to do so.

Finally, as I said, I’ll leave you all with what got me here. Below will be the piece of fiction I sent in along with my EM resume, about three years ago, that got me selected to be Catskills’ first and longest EM.

Your EM,



Tristan raised his eyes from the ancient tome he had been assiduously reading throughout the night and gently rubbed his temples. Glancing about the dust-covered shelves that surrounded him, he was reminded of how the Fortress of Wardingwood was similarly beleaguered by Demon-Spawn. His current study of “A Treatise on Demonic Magic” brought him no further in finding a thuergy powerful enough to fight back his home’s assailants, and with every page turned hope became more and more fleeting.

Tristan closed the book and waved his hand in a circular motion. As a dim, argent aura radiated from his hand, the 4,000 page tome he had been reading levitated back into its rightful place on a towering bookshelf at his back, while another enormous tome levitated to drop with a thud onto the desk in front of him. This tome contained at least 10 times 10 fold more pages than his last endeavor.

He let out a deep sigh which much described his last five days of searching for answers, knowing the fortress could not hold much longer.


Leoric raised his sword in the air, attempting to issue orders through death throes and sizzling flesh.


The twang of a thousand arrows releasing in unison pierced the air. The azure innards of the Demon-Spawn splattered upon the blood stained earth as arrows struck black limbs of the dark, four-legged creatures.

As Leoric began to run down to his warriors and aid them, he heard chanting coming from the back lines of the demonic army. He watched for a moment as a group of at least five hundred of the monstrous beings began to run in a gyre, wailing words in a language that brought pain to his ears. The entire circle disappeared in an instant.

As quickly as they had vanished, the circle of Demon-Spawn reappeared. They had teleported themselves inside the fortress walls. Leoric, knowing defeat was close, looked toward his enemies. With a shout and a twirl of his sword, he led a charge with the remaining infantry not already engaged with the fiendish demons outside the once safe walls. It was then he saw Tristan emerge from the depths of the library, his staff burning bright with an argent flame.

“Tristan!” Leoric yelled, barely parrying a flaming demon claw with his sword.
“Order your troops back,” Tristan replied, his face bright, reflecting the weight of his discovery.

Leoric complied, calling the troops to retreat back and give ground to the demons, only fighting the ones within Wardingwood’s Walls.
Tristan began to levitate above the fortress walls, the blinding flame from his staff shined light on to the battlefield below like a beacon from the heavens. He closed his eyes for a moment, recalling the spell he had found in his last effort of studying in the sacred library.

His staff blazed brighter as he mouthed the words that would doom the demon army. “Flam Kal Des Ylem!!!” he screamed as his staff shot a fiery beam towards the sky.

An instant later, the heavens above parted and a crimson, fiery wave began to form among the clouds. As the Demon-Spawn looked skyward, mouths agape, flaming meteors the size of monoliths began to plummet earth-bound at blinding speeds. They attempted to retreat as  boulders of fire shattered limbs and crushed skulls. Before they could react, the demon army became little more than charred earth.

Hi, everyone.

First I’ll speak of what is to come in our near future. I’ll be holding an event on Sunday, June 12th. The time is TBD, look for fiction and a time in an upcoming post. It deals with altering time and space, so there will be a few surprises in store *grins.*

However, I’m afraid it will be my final event as Catskills Event Moderator. Without going too far into detail, this summer I’m close to graduating from college, I’ve solidified an internship into my field, and my time is waning too thin at the moment to provide Catskills with the amount and quality of events that it deserves.  With that in mind, I decided it would be best to resign and leave you in Barnaby’s able hands, and the up and coming hands of your new moderator.

It has certainly been a ride to remember. This winter would mark my third year as Catskill’s Event Moderator, and to say it has been a pleasure would be an understatement. The quality of people I’ve met along the way, both within the EM program and among the player base, has been remarkable. From our first event where I was rescued from Sea Sirens, to Owain Surrey’s death, and everything in between, have all been great experiences, even if they entailed quite a bit of hard work along the way. It was worth it.

Along the way you may see EM Adris out and about, he will be working along EM Barnaby, so be sure to give him a warm welcome. Hope to see you all once more before I go seeking Lord British. Maybe you’ll see me again someday.

Your EM,




by Kasaven

Happy Easter, everyone!

Starting today, we’ve activated a quest that can be completed any time between now and May 7th.

The quest can be initiated by hitting the blue rune on the table inside the counselor’s hall, and then saying “hello” to Wren the florist. If for any reason the rune is blocked, you can find Wren by taking the yellow moongate to the Fairground and following the road to the southeast.

This quest splits off into two different routes with two different endings fairly early on, so keep that in mind. You can complete both endings if you wish. This isn’t a monster-based event, however you might encounter low-level monsters throughout the course of completing the quest.

Good luck, and again, Happy Easter! You have plenty of time to finish these quests. Use the feedback section of the website if you have any comments or questions.


All Royal Guards and citizens of Britannia are asked to gather at the Castle British Throne Room. Everyone should  arm and prepare themselves for battle with Virtuebane.


A life for a life.

A daemon queen slain, a soothsayer lost.

When I saw him raise his sword against the conversion crystal, I knew he was conscious of the the consequence of his great undertaking. Before we left the Emissary Hall that eve, before his uplifting speech before the gathered citizens of Britannia, he rested his arm upon my shoulder and looked into my eyes. His eyes were veiled, his soul was closed to me. “Keep watch, old friend,” he said, putting on his helmet.  I now recognize the look in his eyes that had perplexed me then. It was the look of a man who had made peace with death. A man who had foreseen his own fate.

I fear that I cannot offer him recompense for his great sacrifice. I can only look to the sky and fulfill his request. We have repaired the crystal and purified its contents, allowing no more evil to befall it. We will return it to its rightful place in Aegis.

I am offering a memorial service for Lord Owain Surrey, who has fallen in the most consequential battle of our time. We will see him put to rest, a rest he could never find in life, plagued by dreams.

When I close my eyes, I see him on top of a weathered hill, sitting peacefully, embraced in the arms of his wife and daughter.

Meet at the Castle British Throne Room, 7 p.m. EST 2/24/11

Sorry for the inconvenience, but Sunday’s EM Event, Who will stand guard at the end of all things?, will be postponed until next week.

As EM Barnaby has stated, keep an eye out for monsters and undead armies gathering over the week. The Red Moons seem to have made them increasingly violent. More information to come.

Ix Tab hovered over the  tome, never averting her gaze from its cryptic contents.

She read aloud, her words echoing through the empty dungeon.

“And as the task begins, the two moons of Sosaria will glow a terrible blood-red,
a sight as ungodly as the black-arts, as unworldly as the abyss.
This shall come to represent the bloodshed that will wash over the land and its inhabitants.
In the coming days, the two shall unleash those who have watched over The Guardian.
The power of the artifact, which shall be invigorated by forsaken souls,
will grant them a dark theurgy to lead over the Daemons of old.
With this will come great suffering, as the Dark Queen comes to power.
Only one of prophetic purpose can sway this grim history, at the forfeiture of his life.”
“And when her reign begins, it cannot end.
Forever will Sosaria cower before the red glow of the tainted moons.
Forever will its people crawl before the Daemons and their Goddess.
Forever will become a hopeless eternity. An unending torment.”

She closed the massive tome of Kaltivel and turned her attention toward Relvinian. Across the room, his fleshless finger followed a line of text as he studied a book on daemonic summoning.

“It is time,” Ix Tab hissed. Relvinian’s face contorted into a grin, revealing a yellow tongue surrounded by decayed teeth.

His loose, decrepit flesh matched the gray of his robe. He reached into one of his pockets, hesitated, then withdrew an empty hand. “Once we’ve achieved the summoning, what assurance do I have that you won’t simply go against your word?”

Ix walked toward him. “Don’t you trust me, master magician? No one can rule without council.”

Relvinian had little choice, whether he trusted her or not. He reached into his robe and retrieved the fragment of the Great Red Gem. He rubbed it between his fingers once more before setting it on the podium in front of Ix Tab.

She reached for it immediately, as if he would change his mind. She walked to the corner of the room where a faint red glow emanated from beneath a heavy cloth. She cast aside the cloth to reveal the conversion crystal. The energy of the dead coursed through it giving it life, like blood through veins. The gem fragment began to shake in her hand, anticipating its fate.

She placed the fragment next to the conversion crystal. It adhered itself immediately and began to glow a brilliant red. Ix Tab smiled. A black fog began to grow inside the conversion crystal, swirling and spinning as it grew in size. A hand formed from the fog, pressing against the crystal as if looking to escape. Ix observed, mesmerized by the process.

In a flash of light, the hand burst from the crystal, oozing red matter all over the floor. It grasped aimlessly in the air until it found what it sought–the gem fragment. Ix held her clawed hand before her eyes as the room filled with a fiery light. Relvinian looked on through empty sockets, unfazed. Black smoke rose from the hand as if the gem seared its flesh. It pulled the gem inward, withdrawing into the conversion crystal.

The hand slowly began to transform into a face. Fingers changed to teeth–the wrist into a jaw. The face inside the crystal stretched its mouth impossibly wide and let out a piercing wail. The red ooze that littered the floor danced, snaking its way up from the ground and back inside of the crystal,  into the waiting mouth. The red eyes faded. The face withered into nothingness as the crystal became whole again. The fusion was complete.

Ix placed her arm around Relvinian.

“It begins.”


Owain felt a pang of wrong pierce through his mind like a blow to the head. He stood up, staggering for a moment. He walked down the steps of Despise and out the front of the cavern. His heart fell as he looked skyward. The moons emanated an eldritch red glow across everything he set eyes on. The snow on the mountains took on the red hue of bloodshed.

“It comes to this,”  he said. “A final stand against a daemon queen and a mad magician, against the end of all things.”

Owain summons all who will fight to decide their fate —

When: Saturday, February 5th, 7 p.m. EST.

Where: The EM Hall in Britain, Trammel

The rules for tomorrow’s 1v1 PvP tournament are as follows –

One on One, one match elimination (Too many stat-loss difficulties otherwise)

No Mounts/Pets/Summons

No hiding/Stealthing/Invis/InvisItems

No disarm

No E/Para/Poison fields

No conflag/explosion/invis potions

No Orange Petals

Rules subject to change.

Meet at either the Tram or Fel counselor’s hall.

If you want to avoid Fel pre-fighting, proceed into the PvP house through the portal at the Fel Counselor’s hall. No fighting is allowed inside. Fighting outside of the tournament will lead to bans from the house.


The second and final week of the Fall Festival will begin soon:

Wednesday, November 17th 7 p.m. – Archery Tournament

Saturday, November 20th 7 p.m. EST – PvM Tournament

This tournament will be using teams of four, pitted against monsters. The determining factor for victory will be how quickly each team can fell  their monsters. Monster types and resists will vary, so be sure to come prepared. Resurrection is allowed. More details to follow.

Sunday, November 21st, 5 p.m. EST – PvP Tournament –

A one-on-one PvP tournament will take place at 5 p.m.

Rules and details will come later in the week.

Sunday, November 21st, 8 p.m. EST, Fall Festival Closing Ceremonies

A bit of formality, drinks, relaxation.

But…At last year’s Closing Ceremony, Casca showed up and kidnapped the Steward of the Guard.

Perhaps this year will turn out less relaxing than expected, as well.

These are subject to change, so keep an eye on the website for any additions, subtractions, or changes.

Tuesday, 10:30 p.m. EST – Story Night around the campfire.  The theme will be scary/horror stories, so prepare your most terrifying and we’ll see you at the Reward Hall campfire.

Wednesday, 8 p.m. EST – Foot Race! Meet at the fairgrounds.

PvP and PvM contests postponed until next week. Be sure to check out the Rares Festival coming to Catskills.


Keep an eye here for next week’s schedule and additional details.